【 Cosmetics factory which good 】 Three teach consumers can buy cosmetics on the Internet

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
【 factory which good 】 Three teach consumers can buy cosmetics on the Internet nowadays a lot of stores, and online selling international brands imported cosmetics, some product packaging and instruction is in English, all this is the real international imported cosmetics? Consumers can rest assured to buy? Here we take a look at. 1, at present in the Chinese market, Including network) Don't allow no text in the cosmetics sales, if the light is the affirmation of the foreign language is not allowed. 2, there are many network buy on sb's behalf, including some overseas act as purchasing agency, in the later without formal procedure, no Chinese, it is not allowed. Must have a registration certificate of imported cosmetics, through formal channels from abroad to the makeup of our country, have such a logo, if not the formal channels in, the more sales the shop sales channel is problematic. Please note that this kind of product when consumer is bought to see any Chinese label, Chinese label should be a piece of paper on the above. 3, in my cosmetics sales, must have the name of the product, origin region, is Hong Kong, Taiwan, macau, the third to have the name of the cosmetics manufacturer, address and the agent in China, must have the production date, shelf life, and is suitable for people, products for the record of the approval document, and by the border quarantine identification can come in. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory remind you: should pay attention to when buying international import brand cosmetics, beware deceived, ShangCai killed the cat. Guangzhou XJ only website is a collection of cosmetics Beauty cosmetics factory processing, cosmetics OEM, ODM processing, cosmetics cosmetics generation processing professional processing factory, cosmetics factory which good? Preferred XJ Beauty professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM, 20 years cosmetics OEM experience, has a number of national patent invention. Make Chinese luxury cosmetics brand for you!
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