Cosmetics factory which good: summer skin care little common sense

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
In summer, the weather is hot, hot, uv become strong, so that the skin becomes weak, harm the skin. Ultraviolet (uv) is one of the main cause of exposed skin aging, can induce solar dermatitis, freckle, chloasma, so summer skin care is also a 'top priority', so how should summer protect skin? Here are some summer skin care little common sense, and see it together. 1, pay attention to skin care not to overuse moisturizing lotion or moisturizer, is thin in the formation of facial skin care, such not only can have the effect of moisture, also can make the skin more ease the burden, but not all things are all the more the better. Thick cream in isolation for the skin at the same time also can let the skin breathe freely, prone to pore jams, so the proper use of moisturizing cream, this is the best choice for summer protect wet. 2, strengthen dietary deployment of summer before you go out don't eat cedar, photosensitivity vegetables such as celery, coriander, eat these food can enhance the skin to absorb ultraviolet light; Sensitive people to eat less seafood and mango, pineapple, easy cause skin allergy food; Eat more carrots, tomatoes and other food containing high content of VC, can help the anti-uv erosion, help skin whitening. 3, make-up should be relaxed and light make-up summer time shoulds not be too long, make up 3 - 6 hours should be timely discharge makeup. Go out in the outside, when facial sweating is large, can use powdery cake absorb sweat. In the air conditioning room should use less opaque cosmetics manufacturer. Before bed must wash clean with cleaning cream to the face, to facilitate the breath of night skin. Of course, on the choice of cosmetics manufacturer to choose regular brand, so cosmetics manufacturer factory which good? In order to solve this problem, we recommend that you go to guangzhou XJ Beauty
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