【 Cosmetics factory which good 】 Cosmetics, heavy metal exceeds bid the harm to health

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
【 factory which good 】 , heavy metal exceeds bid the harm to body health recently for a period of time the famous brand cosmetics containing heavy metal exceeds bid all events, the cosmetics manufacturer containing heavy metal exceeds bid what harm to our health? The following our analysis. The harm of heavy metals to human body health cosmetics are huge. Lead, for example, on children's harm is very big, will directly affect the development of the nervous system of children, but in contrast, the harm of lead to adult will be much smaller, therefore, in various countries and regions, the detection limit of lead is the highest. Mercury is larger, the harm of human body in Japan in 1953 'minamata disease' mercury is caused by industrial pollution, the locals in the seafood, the excessive intake of mercury, lead to fetal abnormalities, weak-minded, adult brothers disorders, action is difficult, death and so on. Cadmium to the harm of human body may be lead to huge loss of calcium in the bones, causing the pain of a similar 'bone', in 1931 Japan's 'pain pain disease' is the most typical large-scale cadmium poisoning. Poisoning, bone is very fragile, and abnormal pain, patients very pain. In view of cadmium in the body's natural metabolism is very slow, therefore, may not be detected in the colour makeup product any cadmium content. Guangzhou noble elegant cosmetics factory remind consumers to purchase cosmetics manufacturer need to be careful, pay attention to see cosmetics ingredients on the package, take good care of your health.
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