Cosmetics factory which good? Choose cosmetics OEM processing factory need to pay attention to several questions

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
factory which good? Choose cosmetics OEM processing factory need to pay attention to some problems at present, many domestic cosmetics OEM manufacturers, with international brands, with foreign suppliers direct procurement has star endorsements, advertising, and crowd, let a person dazzling, exactly which factory as it is really professional? Choose a powerful cosmetics OEM processing factory really need some advice on the industry sincerely willing, here to introduce you to choose cosmetics OEM processing factory need to pay attention to several questions. 1. Visit the factory, see makes vital to cosmetics production site, the room inspection room, true to understand the product itself, you can feel the service and management of the factory, factory production strength, needless to say, everything will eye your eye! In addition, the factory prices tend to be lower than the dealer price, this is without a doubt. Is to be a product, of course, quality is the first factor, the price is the important reference factor, so want to processing cosmetics manufacturer must visit factory, have traveled long distances to meet, in order to strategize product large pin, in order to build a brand, the pay is a must. 2. Visit factory machinery and equipment research and development room advanced equipment can decide the cosmetics factory developed a new formula of a basic condition; Workshop production equipment are the important factors influencing the cosmetics handle, appearance, so choose cosmetics OEM processing factory with advanced equipment is very important. 3. Investigate whether cosmetics factory has its own research and development room and research and development team is not a factory workshop and r&d team is like a life without soul, a lot of cosmetics factory does not have its own laboratory and r&d team, let alone have the ability of innovation and research and development formula, so be seriously to do, be about to choose a promising to independent innovation and research and development ability of cosmetics enterprises. 4. Examination of the national standard production workshop cosmetics manufacturer factory production workshop is in the air, equipment, personnel, water quality and so on have strict requirements. At present, companies that can really meet the national inspection standard part, but it can meet the national pharmaceutical grade standard production workshop enterprise is less, is a real strength of the enterprise, can achieve the source is the larger company. 5. Warehouse for the goods into the cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing factory, should be registered and quarantined, waiting for the quality control department to inspect, the goods should be kept in the place which is completely separated from the normal production and storage areas, after checking by quality control department, in each box or pallet put that check through ( Or not) The label. All the shelf space in the warehouse should be higher than the ground, At least 5 inches) , and should also be gaps between shelf and wall, to prevent breeding rodents, shall install rodents control devices and regular check, at the same time keep inspection records. 6. Customer case a professional cosmetics OEM processing plants must be will have their own stable customer base, are not necessarily very well-known, but must have their own stable and mature market. See a factory's overall strength, just look at his processed what brand products which can judge the credibility of the plant and the quality of products.
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