【 Cosmetics factory which good 】 Children's cosmetics set threshold

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
【 factory which good 】 Children's cosmetics manufacturer set up threshold national food food and drug administration has issued the children ( With infants and young children, application, review and guide '( Draft) To the public, to ask for some advice. Which puts forward special requirements on children's cosmetics formula, proposed rules, children's cosmetics manufacturer formula varieties required to minimize the materials; Choose the essence, surface active agent, colorant, preservatives and should stick to use less, on the basis of effective without principles; Formula, unfavorable contains whitening, spot, pox-eliminated, hair removal, check khan, deodorant, hair, hair color, body building, such as breast beauty efficacy components. In addition, don't encourage the use of new technology and new materials, such as the genetic technology, nano materials, etc. Through physical stores and online learned that on the market of children's cosmetics, creams, lotions, skin cleansing milk, water, shower gel, etc. The ingredients in some of the products were 'foul', for example, there are children with toner, called 'active oxygen spa whitening muscle water', and some cream, lotion, etc. , with white tender skin, whitening, whitening banner. The personage inside course of study introduces, at present the infant cosmetics is main or use adult cosmetic technology, formulation, most manufacturers are in the production of adult cosmetic products at the same time and the production of baby products. After being issued, the guide will be harmful to children's cosmetics formulations, material control and so on to set up the higher technical threshold. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a collection of cosmetics raw materials, formulation research and development, production in one of professional cosmetics generation processing, cosmetics ODM processing company, we always put the pure natural products, functional, safe and effective in the first place, all raw materials used as natural biological materials, product quality by the resource, contact phone number: 13602489362
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