【 Cosmetics factory which good] Autumn skin moisturizing should pay attention to the four elements

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
【 factory which good 】 Autumn skin moisturizing should pay attention to the four elements 1, and prevent the evaporation of water of oil moisturizing effect of this kind of moisturizers better is petrolatum, commonly known as the vaseline. Petrolatum will not be absorbed by the skin, be a moisture barrier on the skin, make skin moisture evaporation loss not easily, also protect the skin from external things. Because it is highly soluble in water, can effectively adhere to the skin, and so has a good moisturizing effect. Contains vaseline moisturizing skin care products have pond's cold cream and yasi lauder moisturizing lotion. Its defect is too fat, only suitable for extremely dry skin or dry in winter. The young are not suitable for oily skin, clog pores and cause acne and acne, etc. In addition to petrolatum, white wax oil and high viscosity, various triglyceride, and various kinds of ester oils. Contains anti evaporation moisturizer to protect skin to taste, basic contain these ingredients, suitable for very dry skin at night late frost and nutrition frost. 2, combined with water aqua moisturizing moisturizers not oil-soluble, also is not water soluble, belong to hydrophilic, with water soluble substances. It can form a mesh structure, combination of free water freely in its network, make free water into water and not easy to evaporation loss, moisturizing effect. It does not suck up moisture from the air or the environment, also won't block pore, hydrophilic and not greasy, use rise very relaxed, this is to belong to more advanced moisturizing ingredients, suitable for all kinds of skin, all kinds of weather, day and night can use moisturizers. This kind of element of moisturizers with collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. 3, absorb the water moisture absorption moisture such moisturizers is a typical multiple alcohols, using a relatively long history is the glycerin, sorbose, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol (peg), etc. This kind of material has the function of suck up moisture from the environment, so under the condition of high relative humidity, the skin moisturizing effect is very good. But in the relative humidity is low, cold and dry, windy weather, not only does no good to the skin, can suck up moisture from the skin inner layer, instead and make the skin more dry, affect the normal function of the skin. Many skin care products such as make up water, emulsion, cream cosmetics manufacturer are more or less contain such ingredients, helps to keep product moisture, make the moisture not quickly lost. On the one hand can stable products, on the other hand, to help absorption. Contain such ingredients protect wet protect skin to taste, suitable for high relative humidity in the summer, late spring and early fall season and the southern region, especially not suitable for fall and winter in the north. With glycerin content to protect skin to taste with CD to prevent dry skin and skin dew kai its moisturizing cream. 4, repair the cutin cell repair moisturize dry skin no matter use what protect wet protect skin to taste, the effect is usually short limited, enhance protection function of the skin itself is better than and moisturizing functions, to achieve more ideal effect. Vitamin E can be gathered in the skin cutin layer, help the skin cutin layer to repair its waterproof barrier, and prevent the skin cutin layer evaporation loss. Vitamin E is within 6 to 24 hours after wiping is absorbed into the skin of the dermis, and protect the cell membrane of the skin. Vitamin A is the important component of adjust the skin cell growth and activity, it can make the skin thickness increase elasticity and help the epidermis and the dermis. Vitamin B5 is, panthenol, can promote the regeneration of the cells, help repair of the organization. Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen, make skin more full, prevent the formation of wrinkles. Outer skin of fruit acid can remove lost of the cuticle moisturizing function, let the newborn cutin cell natural moisturizing functions, improve skin moist degree, is a kind of repair moisturizing factor. Guangzhou XJ only website is a collection of cosmetics Beauty cosmetics factory processing, cosmetics OEM, ODM processing, cosmetics cosmetics generation processing professional processing factory, cosmetics manufacturer factory which good? Preferred XJ Beauty professional cosmetics OEM, 20 years cosmetics OEM experience, has a number of national patent invention. Make Chinese luxury cosmetics brand for you!
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