Cosmetics factory: vitiligo patients can use cosmetics? How does it work?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
is almost every woman's necessities, but also have a high-end and low-end cosmetics, many cheap but unqualified cosmetic use, will lead to the emergence of many diseases such as disease vitiligo, many women suffer from the disease of vitiligo, most of the time and cosmetics is not normal and not scientific for the purchase and use has a lot to do, so for this, the patients to attention and concern. The onset of vitiligo and cosmetics has a direct relationship between vitiligo patients, especially the causes of female patients with vitiligo, and has a lot to do with the improper use of cosmetics, some whitening cosmetics containing heavy metals can cause serious skin damage, some patients have never had a history of skin after dyed hair came dermatitis, vitiligo and other skin diseases. A lot of women in the patients with vitiligo to beautiful, still use cosmetics during cure, however nowadays fake goods, cosmetics and evil people mixed up the market, some inferior cosmetics not only have no curative effect, after use is likely to produce a variety of skin diseases. Patients have less use of cosmetics, especially informal and inferior products research shows that the absorption and melanin to keep out the light, and thus protect the subcutaneous tissues from radiation damage, excessive can cause dark look element cell damage or death in great quantities, cause loss of skin tissue appeared, drops to virus resistance of the adverse factors, outside, and white spot of the skin. Should choose glass packaging of cosmetics, rather than plastic packaging products. Because plant extract factors big department be acid, alkaline, will accelerate the dissolution of additives in plastic. All these additives containing toxic substances, dissolve in cosmetics, can cause damage to the skin. The patients to the correct use of cosmetics, should be selected according to your skin type and seasonal cosmetics; Before falling asleep at night should eradicate the facial cosmetics, don't sleep with makeup; Use qualified cosmetics manufacturer, need not expired or microbial contamination of cosmetics; If found in cosmetics have bubbles, odor, color change, become loose, or water, is that may be contaminated cosmetics manufacturer, unfavorable use. Above is the XJ Beauty cosmetics factory in patients with vitiligo exactly how to use cosmetics.
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