Cosmetics factory: use the sleep mask no effect? That must be a way to use the wrong!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Using sleep mask no effect? That must be a way to use the wrong! Mask is the aphrodisiac of skin woman, any girl cannot leave the intimate care mask, and mask type is also emerge in endlessly, dazzling, a lot of girls like sleep mask, but because too lazy to apply face film after cleaning, and, more importantly, sleep mask in addition to filling water and other repair effect. Such as chitin active repair silk mask with bee venom, beta Glucan, small nuclear bacteria glue mixture silk mask the silk essence, can form breathable hydration film on the surface of the skin, soften horniness, make other nutritional ingredients can penetrate into skin, regulate maintenance from core muscles. Effective, bright white skin, can fight the pigment deposition, prevent an heavy form, improve skin gloss finish and smooth feeling. Sleep mask the benefits of sleep mask is also another kind of sense of the late frost, but the technology is more on the oil-in-water, compared to a lot of cream will be some more your mind, but also bring the mask 'membrane', as a mask, in addition to itself has the moisturizing and repairing ingredient, more have the equivalent of 'film' effect, the blockade on the surface of the skin beautiful flesh nutrient, tie-in sleeping repair, wake up can see water tender skin! Their classification and is also the basis and the types of skin, has moisturizing, whitening, repair, etc. Sleep mask using method and maintenance 1 stack stack is not want you to sleep mask mixed with maintain article, but for maintenance steps first, then cover the sleep mask, this can better promote the absorption of nutrition. Method is in after routine maintenance, wait for 5 ~ 10 minutes, to maintain article gradually permeate, then apply the sleep mask that can reach 1 + 1 & gt; 2 magic effect. 2 and the BB cream mixture if feel foundation or BB frost moist degree is not enough, it can be mixed with sleep mask use, effect is amazing. Take Huang Douli sleep mask, the size of a and BB cream to make, you will find that the ductility of the BB cream, moisturizing and skin forces greatly ascend, make-up on the skin after will become more water embellish luster, at the beginning of this method is especially suitable for dry and old muscle. 3 turns into a soothing mask mask can also be used during the day sleep oh, reddish skin after sun drying, with sleep mask face, can quickly improve the skin redness and drying condition, the summer in the refrigerator refrigeration effect is better. Amount of face film, of course, if you foot enough, used for soothing mask body is also OK. 4 turns into a massage cream mask is rich in colloid, sleep not be fully absorbed by skin, so to do massage cream, with golden rod is a stick. Take an almond or the size of a cherry mask, facial center to the outer carefully apply to the entire face, then according to the direction of the lymph circulation, facial massage, facial excess water and eliminate toxins. Rinse off with clear water after the can. 5 turns into a nourishing night cream for those who don't like besmear protects skin to taste, too much enthusiasm for the basics, or such as oily skin person can use the mask instead of cream, the method of directly using the sleep mask after daub elite fluid, ready to go to bed after using proper massage. Sleep mask of three big questions 1, after washing a face directly coated with sleep mask, instead of a late frost directly? This kind of practice is not advocated oh, although sleep mask is another kind of sense of the late frost, but Mimi said most sleep mask is oil-in-water, which is easy to dry evaporate, less fat degree. For like things simple, I don't like fat girl so to use, the outermost layer of skin, but if the girl is so dry skin with generally because not enough moisture, skin is still dry well, so at the end of the skin care process reuse sleep mask is the best, can use a small amount of a thin layer of cream, reoccupy sleep mask oh. 2, the sleep mask can do every day? Heel stick chip mask, sleep mask can use everyday, that depends on one's skin, if the outermost layer of skin sleep mask is not suggested to do everyday, if skin beyond burden cannot be absorbed, two to three times a week for the night, if it's dry skin or mixed skin is adjusted according to skin condition, generally can be used every day. 3, the general water type mask when sleep mask for the night? Wash the mask as it is not able to sleep mask, the so-called sleep mask itself technology prefer to cream, rather than the ordinary mask, and general water to wash face skin to absorb, apply for a long time will only cause skin on the face is difficult to breathe and a little a knot in one's, etc. , wait for dry appearance, also easy to cause the dry phenomenon of skin.
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