Cosmetics factory: use of vaseline

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
You know what is beauty moisturizing king? Petroleum jelly! Hello, how is it? ! Such a bargain with a jar of a few yuan to burn? Believe it or not, but I still want to tell you, yes, it is the beauty of moisturizing, king of vaseline. Cheap, available anytime and anywhere, everyone could afford. Vaseline is one of the by-products of oil exploration drill, as early as 1859 was found, from crude oil fractionation of the proceeds of the semi solid saturated hydrocarbons. Vaseline strong inertia, not active, not with the skin is very safe, and excellent waterproof, taste is very light. If you think it is too ordinary, cheap, vulgar, that you are wrong, because of its strong inertia, super safe and nourishes and sex, closeness, Water proofing property) , made some cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers use it becomes a ointment or maintain article, such as one of the most commonly used components. Everyone used vaseline, but because it appears in the identity of the additives, so people almost forgot it. Like acnes is made from a mix of mint and vaseline products. Vaseline is a very safe and effective moisturizing ingredients, thus maintain article need strengthen protect wet and moist degree, will use it. Vaseline on maintenance techniques: the use of a relatively fresh cream, summer class maintain article, not use up in the winter when using clean cream first class maintain article, then fill brush a thin layer of vaseline, can promote immediately it moist degree ( Dosage of vaseline oneself consider) 。 Experience: my lips in winter is weather-shack desquamate, very uncomfortable don't good-looking, used all kinds of lip moisturizer for all invalid, then think of vaseline, brush in the morning and once, the result is very satisfied, no longer peeling. Anything in addition to clean dry skin cream class maintain article to maintain, can use vaseline to strengthen protect wet studies have confirmed that the external use vaseline will permeate cuticle clearance, protection and restoration of an effect on the skin. Three, in the cold snap hit, snow, or extremely dry environment, I would suggest directly use petroleum jelly to protect wet, you will find it on the wet excellent effect. ( The last step of vaseline in maintenance) How, saw this article have a feel very incredible? Actually many cosmetics manufacturer factory will use vaseline as raw material of production, after all, it has such a big use.
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