Cosmetics factory: this paper introduces the water-based foundation

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-25
Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: water-based foundation < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 12 - 17 17:35:32 < / p> cosmetics factory in wenzhou: water-based foundation, this is one of the most popular form, the afternoon at the end of world war ii on the field for the first time in a stable oil-in-water emulsion form of foundation. Currently selling most of the products is water-in-oil or silicone oil package the formula of water. In the past 20 years, the formula of the technology has improved significantly, thanks to the high performance of water-in-oil emulsifying agent, emollients and pigment package technology development. These development significantly improved the product performance, at the same time easier to stable foundation formula. Due to continuous skin contact with oil in the emulsion, so the water-in-oil/silicon emulsion more evenly daub skin feeling better, and also reduces the paint dry. Improved paint package technology has also promoted the development and improve the color, so as to further improve the skin feeling. Wenzhou cosmetics factory: many empties water-based foundation began to do the SPF value and broad spectrum UVA protection claims. This requires the use of chemical UVB absorber or micronization titanium dioxide with the combination of micronization zinc oxide, because in the United States, o v benzene cases cannot be used in conjunction with metal oxide. Normal SPF range from 15 to 30, 30 SPF value to the new standard. Typical water-in-oil or silicone oil water emulsion include: water ( 40 - 60%) , on the basis of block defect rate varies moisturizing factor ( 1 - 10%) : 1, 3 - Propylene glycol, butyl glycol, or glycerin emulsifier ( 2 - 5%) : lauryl PEG - 9 poly dimethyl silicon oxygen ethyl polydimethylsiloxane PEG - 10 polydimethylsiloxane PEG/PPG - 18/18 polydimethylsiloxane cetyl PEG/PPG - 10/1 polydimethylsiloxane PEG - 30 second poly hydroxy stearic acid ester polyglycerol - 4 different stearate emollients/siloxane ( 10 - 20%) : ring five polydimethylsiloxane polydimethylsiloxane different dodecane three methyl phenyl poly siloxane C12 - 15 glycol benzoate different cover paint different nonyl pelargonic acid ester ( 3 - 15%) : usually in the form of titanium dioxide, can be wrapped using pigment ( 1 - 5%) : usually micronization of black, brown or russet iron oxide, they can also be used. The effect of pigment ( 0 - 3%) : mica titanium, boron nitride, bismuth oxychloride other powder ( 0 - 5%) : methyl silicone half oxygen alkane mica powder silica polyamide emulsifying stabilizer ( 0. 5 - 2%) : two stearic dimethyl ammonium lithium montmorillonite polyethylene gas phase silica a alkylating silica sodium chloride magnesium sulfate preservative/corrosion synergistic agent ( 1 - 3%) : phenoxyethanol benzene methanol symplectic glycol ethyl hexyl glycerol, 1, 6 - F diol EDTA disodium dispersant ( 0. 5 - 1%) : poly hydroxy stearic acid, polyglycerol - 6 poly castor acid ester. Pigments can reduce the demand for dispersant use package. Chelating agent ( 0. 05 - 0. 1%) Can improve the anticorrosion performance: EDTA disodium powder foundation usually use brush or soft mat daub, and consists of the following: packing ( 60 - 80%) : mica, talcum powder, corn starch modified powder (senses 0 - 5%) : methyl silicone half oxygen alkanes, polyamide and silica emollients ( 0 - 5%) Effect pigments ( 0 - 5%) : mica titanium, boron nitride, bismuth oxychloride iron oxide ( 2 - 5%) Block defect pigment ( 3 - 15%) : level depends on the desired block defect degree of preservatives, 0. 5%) : simba glycol suppression of powdery cake is very similar with the powder foundation, in addition to their use emollients and using zinc or fatty acid magnesium salt as adhesive.
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