Cosmetics factory: the roses in the cosmetics and the application of life have?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
Rose of superfine powder by using the international advanced super cell wall-breaking comminution technology and crushing are all more than 1000 mesh. In active ingredients fully release, good permeability. Fine quality, excellent quality. Rose broken GLS purpose: 1, can be used as cosmetics and cosmetics manufacturer factory pure natural plant products, raw materials can be widely used in the mask, Mud paste mask) , powder ( Powder, talcum powder, etc. ) , cream, Foundation cream, moisturizer, etc. ) , make-up class ( Lipstick, eye shadow, etc. ) Etc. Various type of cosmetics. Rose superfine powder has good treatment effect, can improve skin discoloration, raise colour, smooth skin. 2, can be used as food and food raw materials rose idos of raw material for medicine food homology edible rose ( Ping Yin traditional double red rose) , can be directly take, or as a pastry, dairy products, beverage, candy, candied fruit, such as adding ordinary food, also can be used as a health food ( Can match with many kinds of medicine and food food) To eat. Can add food aroma. 3, can be used as incense and other solid spices, this product can be added to senior incense, incense use. Rose broken GLS of commonly used methods: 1, the right amount of this product to apply face film, with a moderate amount of rose flowers even mixing cell SAP, tune into a paste and apply to the face, wash after 15 minutes. Add rose essential oil - 1 2 drops with use effect is better. Take 1 to 2, take orally 2 g rose petals wall-breaking spores directly a blunt, or match honey, lemon, etc. , aroma fragrant, taste good. Can improve the chloasma, resolve depression, qi and blood and pain. 3, fragrance body with the right amount of this product, and in the bath or shower basin, but sweet body beauty, improve skin. Can also be a small amount of wiping the skin. Roses broken wall more potent effect: improves skin discoloration, slow down the aging skin, restore elasticity, make skin moist, fresh, smooth, delicate, luster. Qi resolve depression, blood and pain relief.
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