Cosmetics factory: the five 'culprit' of skin to become black

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
Cosmetics factory: the skin to blacken the five 'culprit' is prevented bask in summer season, everyone is afraid of suntan, because black is not beautiful. But it happened that some people don't tan so black, why? The main reason is that it! Let you turn black 'culprit' : food is rich in such metals as copper, iron, zinc element of food, can be directly or indirectly increase the tyrosine, the tyrosinase related to melanin and substances such as the number and activity of dopamine quinone, so often become the bane of the skin is dark. This kind of food are animals liver and kidney, oysters, shrimp, crab, beans, walnuts, sesame, raisins, etc. Second, the health of human body fluid is alkalescent, if eat too much acid at ordinary times, can bring all kinds of discomfort to the body, promote the formation of skin pigment spots. Carrots, spinach, purple radish head, purple artichokes, mushrooms, black fungus, and so on, these vegetables let love long spot of the skin are more likely to grow spots. Let you turn black 'culprit' 2: water deficiency in everyday life, the computer radiation, air conditioning and aging skin, can cause the skin dry, led to the decrease of the quality of the skin, thus appeared the phenomenon of skin dark heavy. Skin whitening and moisturizing has always been closely linked, water embellish skin can appear more white luster. The less moisture the skin metabolism is poor, so that the skin repair function to drop, cause skin dark. Let you turn black 'culprit' 3: sleep disorders of sleep at night time, the skin is in the best state of repair. Only guarantee a good night's sleep, can make the skin metabolism is more smooth, more skin whitening. Rest is bad, lack of sleep, not only affects health, and make the skin blood flow slows, vasoconstriction, blood stasis into spot, skin into a film. Let you turn black 'culprit' four: the skin cutin layer, there is a layer on the skin cutin of ageing, it is like a double-edged sword, is a layer of protective film to help skin protection from external damage, also because of aging or residue on the skin, cause we color of skin dark heavy light. Because modern long-term exposure to uv rays and radiation of the computer screen, and the external environment pollution, corneous layer aging is accelerated, resulting in color of skin dark heavy, the skin will become rough. Let you turn black 'culprit' five: drug many drugs can change the normal color of skin, such as the flat can make color of skin become orange; Chloroquine of melanin, due to its strong affinity, color of skin is dark; Take quinine is about 10% of the patients with facial pigment spots appear blue.
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