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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
factory: skin care essential knowledge < p> 2018 - cosmetics factory 10 - 25 09:17:48 < / p> the first step: makeup if it is to protect skin in the morning, you can ignore the makeup this link. containing chemical substances, if not discharge makeup, skin contact colour makeup for a long time, will cause harm to skin. factory small make up also make-up work at ordinary times, when discharge makeup work use discharge makeup oil, first discharge makeup water on cotton, will wipe off makeup. Remember to discharge makeup clean, cannot put makeup residue on your face. Step 2: after discharge makeup cleaning need to wash a face cleanser, even after discharge makeup makeup, there are still traces of make-up, or daily skin contact by dust and sweat residue on the skin, the face with cleanser can more clean. Small make up cosmetics factory, also need to choose according to their own skin cleansing, such as oily skin to choose to oil cleanser, chose dry skin moisturizing gentle cleanser. Step 3: the next step is bright skin cleansing water, toner, toner, water/toner, the convergence can be used. The role of the toner is mainly deep cleaning and moisturizing, restore skin acid-base value, on the surface of the and regulate cutin layer, make skin absorb more skin cream, ready for skin care steps behind. Step 4: eye cream, essence, lotion, cream. Cream for the skin care is one of the most important, when choosing, should according to their own skin and problems, such as anti-aging with anti-aging creams, choice of the whitening cream, whitening and excessive use of cream is bad for the skin. Step 5: sunscreen, isolation, someone said, qiu dong season, the sun does not as hot as summer, why still want to sunscreen and segregated? Small make up cosmetics manufacturer factory said, ultraviolet light is everywhere in our life, many people every day to the other computer, the computer radiation is very big, the skin damage is very big, don't care for a long time will accelerate skin aging. So even in indoor, we also need to pay attention to prevent bask in.
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