Cosmetics factory: raw material of pigment added security?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Many people think it is good pigment is added in the cosmetics. Actually add all kinds of pigment in the cosmetics, can have the effect of cosmetics rise to beautify, decorate, mainly to cover up some non-ferrous components in cosmetics manufacturer unsaturated sense of color, to increase the color beauty cosmetics manufacturer products. So XJ Beauty cosmetics factory to popularize the pigment in cosmetics raw material classification have? use pigment according to its source can be divided into the following categories: ( 1) Synthetic pigment, also known as organic pigment, synthetic organic pigments or tar pigments. This is because this kind of pigment in petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry of benzene, toluene, xylene, and naphthalene aromatics as basic raw materials, through a series of synthetic reaction and made again. Synthesis according to their chemical structure can be divided into azo pigment, triphenylmethane, quinoline, anthraquinone, nitrocellulose, indigo blue pigment, etc. ( 2) Inorganic pigments, also known as mineral pigment, it is a natural mineral as the raw material. Because of pigment purity requirements, now more is given priority to with synthetic inorganic compounds. Used in cosmetics are mainly white pigments, such as zinc oxide, talc powder, titanium dioxide, etc. ; Colored pigments, such as iron oxide, carbon black, etc. ( 3) Natural pigment, the color of natural substances, such as carmine, Tibetan red element, carotene, chlorophyll and curcumin. Due to some of their properties such as resistance to light and heat, tinting strength is poorer, has gradually replaced for organic pigments. ( 4) Pearl pigment, especially of beauty cosmetics, cosmetics for a pure and bright and colorful products, presents the pearly flashing to strengthen the effect of colour and lustre, often can produce pearl color effect of material, this kind of material called pearl pigment. The commonly used such as titanium mica, natural scales, bismuth oxychloride, titanium dioxide, mica, etc.
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