Cosmetics factory: protein ingredients in cosmetics what effect is there?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
What effect, protein in the protein ingredients in cosmetics is important material in human body, such as skin, hair, nails and a variety of organs are composed of protein. And maintain life activities. Thus, it are widely used in cosmetics factory today. Glycoprotein from animals or plants, the human body cell matrix are the material composition, such as the skin water and wetting effect, the protein and the function of biological catalysis and hormone. Is the cosmetics with good wetting agent and nutritional agent. And have the functions of hair or hair. Mucin: is a glycoprotein class, its role is very strong, bound water can enhance the emulsion viscosity and stability of cosmetics, the cosmetic system can enhance the viscosity, auxiliary emulsifier, water moisturizing and toning effect of active material. Another said extending protein substance, can be induced glycoprotein, which is a hormone that can promote the formation of cell wall, applied to cosmetics have tight skin anti-wrinkle and wetting the skin effect. Adhesion proteins: extracted from the placenta, combined with skin fibroblasts in easily, and promote collagen network function, is a functional disorder skin conditioners, used in cosmetics preparations, promote skin regeneration and wound healing, skin and stimulate the action of unripe hair. Nucleoprotein: are the main ingredients of DNA and HNA, also is the most basic material life, stimulates the upper skin keratinocytes, promote the metabolism. Make skin ruddy, and be able to repair and callus skin function. Dual function can stimulate hair growth, hair care and hair and resist ultraviolet ray function. Is a kind of embellish skin, hair care hair, sunscreen and anti-aging multi-functional cosmetic raw materials. Phosphoprotein: dairy products contain phosphorus protein and egg yolk. Compatibility with a variety of cosmetic raw materials, it is both a moisturizer, and nutrients, can moisturize the skin cutin layer. And casein from milk, also is the nutrients in the widely used in cosmetics manufacturer and moisturizers and conditioners, can enhance the efficacy of other active ingredients. With his wooden turtle bottles compatibility can repair damaged hair, and the compatibility of kojic acid, there are multiple efficacy wrinkles, moisturizing and whitening. Lipoprotein: functional emulsifying agent and foam stabilizer. More blood from animals. Has certain antimicrobial properties, if used together with other antibacterial agent, can strengthen antibacterial force, is widely used in soap, shampoo and other lotions. In the anti-wrinkle nourishment cream, lipoprotein can have the effect of additives. The additives of stability is good. Hard protein: animal body is rich in a variety of protein, such as found in connective tissue and bone collagen, in the present in the nails, hair keratin, exists in the blood vessel walls of elastin, silk fibroin, shellfish biology are such hard protein, such as shell protein. The collagen has good penetration and moisturizing effect, more for the scar, anti-wrinkle, rough skin and other cosmetic preparations; Elastic protein can increase the elasticity of the skin aging, promote the blood circulation, promote the synthesis of collagen speed, reduce wrinkles. More used in anti-aging cosmetics. Keratin hydrolysate is good nutrition agent, match into the hair conditioner water, regulate maintenance for hair; Silk protein affinity with skin effect is strong, silk peptide can apply any cosmetics, silk protein is to protect skin nutrition agent, moisturizing factor, used for hair care, nutrition and shiny hair. Shell protein hydrolysate, humidifying, moisturizing function, and good skin permeability, often with other active ingredients with, in order to enhance effectiveness, and has the effect of anti-inflammatory allergy. It is children or allergic skin cosmetics and raw materials.
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