Cosmetics factory: pregnant women cosmetics development potential is huge

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Referred to as the 'beauty economy' of China's cosmetics market is the world's largest emerging market, after years of rapid development, China's cosmetics market has made unprecedented achievements. With the rapid development of our economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, relying on the huge population base, China has become one of the world's largest cosmetics market. According to statistics, since the reform and opening up to China's cosmetics market sales 23 per year on average. Growth of 8%, the highest of the year was 41%, and become the second only to the United States and Japan, the world's third largest cosmetics market growth rate is much higher than the average growth rate of the national economy, has considerable development potential. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released statistics show that in 2017, 2015, make-up class 1 - December retail sales of 204. 9 billion yuan, rose 8. 8%, by 2019, the scale will reach 423 billion, the annual growth rate will be stable at about 8%. Among them, the pregnant woman cosmetics, men's care products market segments such as growth is most striking. Spent about $6 billion, according to statistics, skin care products in pregnant women and the data are still in the geometric growth trend. , experts said, is largely due to the sustained and rapid development of China's economy has brought the change of residents' consumption mode, the Chinese women's social status and pregnancy skin care consciousness constantly improve, keen pursuit of fashionable things, dress up the appearance after 90 pregnant mother quantity is also increasing, thus, pregnant women will be a wide prospect in cosmetics market in China. Pregnant women skin care market has such a huge growth space, on the one hand, is not the taboo is broken gradually, protect skin during pregnancy after many pregnant mother pregnant actively choose to protect skin to taste, on the other hand, the two-child policy open, comprehensive guide children boom, pregnant women have proliferated, will be more than 70 million, demand of pregnant women pregnant women cosmetics has increased dramatically. Maternal and infant market scale will exceed 3 trillion, 2018 over the next three annual compound growth rate of 14. 5%, the enormous cake caused a lot of players to join the war mother and baby. Pregnant women skin care market development potential is huge, but China is now pregnant women skin care market is mainly dominated by foreign brands, domestic brands want to develop it is not easy. In the face of such market situation, the development of Chinese local brands have a strategic plan, considering factors such as product materials, audience can from qualified maternal and infant market share the big cake. Unlike ordinary cosmetics targeted groups, pregnant women cosmetic audience is pregnant mother gave birth to the baby. Pregnant women as the special groups of a new life, for the cosmetics that may be absorbed through the skin into the body material, be sure to ensure safety, so as not to damage the health of the mother and baby. Under this premise, increased the pregnant women based on the difficulty of cosmetics. But since Australia cosmetics brand using natural extracts of fruit, daily food for cosmetic ingredients, which has committed to the development of Chinese local brands in a pregnant woman's cosmetics market and businessman saw the light, in succession to open pregnant women cosmetics research and development. Considering the Asian woman color of skin dark heavy, sensitive skin meticulous, not suitable for pregnant women use cosmetics on the market according to the European and American area women's cosmetics research and development, Chinese pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste the first brand, draw lessons from the idea of food for cosmetic ingredients, the introduction of foreign advanced technology of skin care products research and development, based on natural foods such as soy milk, rice, according to the characteristics of Asian women's skin, successfully developed a pregnant woman can use cosmetics. Close run since the beginning of the brand, quickly pregnant cosmetics market in China has a huge market share, high on a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste the top position, but also by the father, satisafied, hu can be, Anderson, li xiang, and several hot mama of recommended fashion, lead the new trend of the skin during pregnancy. Kiss cosmetics development continues, the current online has entered more than 12000 entity maternal and child stores, most of its network has spread all over the country. Online already developed Tmall, jingdong, Vipshop line electric business platform, such as a double tenth, 2015, close to embellish Tmall flagship store single day performance breakthrough must, including soymilk hkbu, pin of thousands of sets of series of cosmetics. In 2016, close to embellish the business to continue consistent style, online + entity all sales channels, to successfully defend the pregnant woman category five. Embellish the rise of the brand, broke the Chinese cosmetics market by foreign brand monopoly situation for a long time, at the same time to lead the other pregnant women in China has a guiding role in the development of cosmetics manufacturer brand. Chinese pregnant women cosmetics huge market development space is very beneficial to the development of China's local pregnant women cosmetics brand and expand, believe that with the opening up of the two-child policy, pregnant mother number population continues to increase, Chinese pregnant women cosmetic industry will usher in the development of the blowout.
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