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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
factory: pore bulky cause analysis < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer factory 10 - 30 16:54:17 < / p> as the increase of age, the collagen in the skin can loss, loss of elasticity of skin, pore becomes large. In addition, the bad living habits and eating habits can also cause pore is bulky. For example: 1, the skin lacks water, the skin is dry, water scarcity, surrounding cells will also lack of contraction pore, horny at the same time also can appear dry, rough, the pores will be more obvious. 2, the wrong skin care habits, such as often use film of deep-seated and clean face, deodorant cosmetics, these have damage to the skin, it is easy to cause pore is bulky. Grease is secreted overmuch, not clear in time can clog pores, long-term accumulation will pore expanding. 3, bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking often stay up late at night, often eat spicy hot and greasy food, cause long blain blain, triggering big pores. Pore bulky? 4, do not prevent bask in, the sun can make the loss of collagen, pore bulky problems to happen. Small make up cosmetics factory said, according to different types of pore bulky to treat problems. 1, cutin pore bulky cutin pore bulky is due to face often out of oil, grease is secreted overmuch may be improper cleaning, or eating too greasy, spicy. So it is forbidden to eat greasy, spicy food, but also use gentle cleanser deep clean pores containment. Type 2, water pore bulky when skin lacks water, cutin dry rough, pores cells around the water, forming a rough pore. Use hydrating skin care products, such as hydrating mask, such as cosmetics manufacturer factory hydrating optimal mask moisturizing effect is very good. And don't stay up late, maintain enough sleep. Type 3, aging skin collagen loss of bulky pore, pore is bulky. In addition to moisture, but also use replenish collagen, elastic fiber and contractive pore of skin care products. factory small make up are summarized: 1, completes the daily skin care ( Cleansing, moisturizing moisture, sun protection, anti-aging) 。 2, regular exercise, make the skin metabolism, eliminate toxic substances. 3, develop good habits and eating habits, such as not smoking, drinking don't stay up late, keep enough sleep, don't eat spicy, greasy food, etc.
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