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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
factory: Mary her beautiful new world colour makeup stage in the first step towards the < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer factory 08 - 14 17:49:56 < / p> since June 2017, Mary d better with the world's leading cosmetics retailer SEPH0RA sephora, hand in hand with exclusive brand cooperation, since Mary d better COL0RSTUDIO Mary she preferred to innovation of brand power, pioneer, original and high level of colour makeup product appearance, will be more bold look bring every dare to try and to explore the colour makeup idiots, but also by a new generation of young people more and more attention and recognition. factory, since Mary d better come with its strong ability of product innovation and rapid response of the market, quickly obtain sephora makeup brand exclusive sixth good grades, but also gained the favour of overseas sephora team! In the coming July sephora overseas market exclusive brand conference, Mary d better COL0RSTUDIO polarization party will be there with the latest limited edition series products at Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/overseas markets such as Australia, based on the international cosmetics manufacturer market first step! The release of the polarized light party series is Mary black preferred COL0RSTUDIO mainly aimed at a younger population after 95, starting from the autodyne scene demand of holiday party, cutting-edge trends of polarized light make-up products, meet the young people more boldly marked individuality expression, at the same time also to take this series proposed & other; Fearless, each frame of beauty throughout different &; The brand position. The overseas distribution of limited edition products includes Mary d better COL0RSTUDIO polarization party high CD, polarized light eye shadow tray and polarization mini lipstick box. This series USES high condensation rich in many nourishing essence powder system, feel silky, quality of a material is frivolous, specially added micro sphere, both highlights and eye shadow, the makeup effect more break, at the same time more persistent, bring face born polarized stereo feeling. Selection of mini lipstick boxes, paragraphs 4 + 2 color fog light lipstick dazzle the lipstick of polarization are both can be used in daily life scenes can also meet the demand of holiday season marked makeup, can yet be regarded as necessary for personal use and gifts of sweet cosmetics manufacturer box.
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