Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: male BB cream sales soared

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-25
Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: male BB cream sales soared < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 11 - 13 17:47:44 < / p> according to cosmetics factory in wenzhou, chengdu top & other; Blue economy & throughout; The most developed cities, shenzhen, hangzhou in two, three. Multi-function, beginners, one pace reachs the designated position & hellip; … Are men buy skin care, beauty makeup Top3 quality products the most care about. 'It is clear that the boy began to the love of beauty, the most important thing is to & other How fast is good throughout the province &; 。 This year's World Cup, South Korea's goalkeeper Zhao Xianyou not to spend 90 minutes delicate makeup look, trigger a collective straight out with BB cream. So BB cream to become Chinese men open & other; Face engineering & throughout; The first key, taobao Tmall sales jumped 192% in 2018. In terms of regional performance, comprehensive men buy beauty makeup, a consumption, and consumption of users, with extremely high comprehensive index ranked first, chengdu, hangzhou and shenzhen ranked second and third, yong wenzhou, Shanghai, Beijing. ( Complete list for chengdu, shenzhen, hangzhou, wenzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, dongguan, chongqing, suzhou, wuhan) 。 First-tier cities should have lost out on male grooming, can only say that men have the leisure chengdu, hangzhou, and have money, don't careless on prestige projects. Bite the vigor, all by his eyebrows: threading into male grooming first rebuild let its essence, light skin, is one of the features of Chinese men do prestige projects. According to the report, in 2018, Chinese men buy reveal enthusiasm for makeup, while base is not big, but man purchase beauty makeup surge & ndash; — Honey powder sales jumped 249%, the man rose 544%, eye shadow man highlights rose 505%. At the same time, sunscreen, isolation, neck cream, breast before makeup products, increase of less than 50%. In terms of discharge makeup, men rarely the purchase, use discharge makeup oil, makeup professional makeup products such as milk, and soap, cleansing soap became & other; Master key & throughout; , can use feet from the ground up, clean the skin become the highest frequency of tool.
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