Cosmetics factory how to improve their competitiveness?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
With the increase of market need cosmetics generation of processing enterprises, more and more fierce competition has also led to foundry enterprise profits down, now, OEM also become very small profits, run up more and more difficult, in the face of such predicament, the Chinese cosmetics OEM enterprise how to manufacture from China to upgrade for the Chinese to create, become the domestic cosmetics OEM headaches. In the domestic cosmetics industry, the majority of cosmetics OEM enterprise is also facing r&d technology, product safety, regulations, management, such as a series of problems need to constantly improve customer source, those below-standard process chaos, production standards, quality of instability, poor equipment manufacturers such as rob took orders. As the saying goes: 'where is bread there is competition', in such an environment, cosmetics factory how to improve production efficiency and improve the competitiveness? At this point, the cosmetics manufacturer factory is particularly important. 1, on hardware equipment continuously strengthen, improve and guarantee the quality of the product the quality of the product determines the success of the brand, no matter how much spending on advertising, propaganda, cannot leave the product quality, only high quality products and services, to lay a solid foundation. 2, on the brand to build their own team, specialized in brand planning team before the formal use, need to build a team of experienced and creative brand planning team, to have adequate planning and random strain capacity, because it has a long history with enterprise brand competition, in order to ensure the healthy growth of their brands. 3, on the brand positioning, need to clear and the positioning effective diffusion and transmission of information to the target population. Before cosmetics OEM, a dozen don't think that advertising is a brand, the brand is not supported by advertising, is to rely on the system of scientific brand management and brand strategy. Why want to do this? 1, can very clearly know the factory used data, items, price and quantity. 2, can clearly know the factory of the profit and loss, know profit and loss balance, as long as more than the balance that is earned, such clear can stimulate more power. 3, margin can clearly know the factory everyday. Through the data, understand the problem of each post is improved. Note: this article from the network, the copyright belongs to original author, if there is any infringement please contact deleted.
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