Cosmetics factory: how to identify expired cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Do you know? The use of cosmetics and food, has certain time limit, expired cosmetics will cause a lot of bacteria, can cause a lot of damage to our skin, so how to identify whether the cosmetics expired? Below and XJ Beauty cosmetics factory to share these methods together! How to identify the eyelash fluid of the expired? Eyelash fluid for the eyelashes, is one of the most close to the eyes of the product, is also one of the most dangerous products. Because the mascara comes in dark and thin tube, outer completely couldn't watch the eyelash fluid is overdue. Eyelash fluid discharge makeup more troublesome, because every time after their use eyelash brush to be returned to the eyelash fluid into the humid air, the darkness of the environment, can let bacteria breeding. Using the expired eyelash fluid is the most dangerous, because the mascara can't like other cosmetics manufacturer in surface clean can. Therefore, when detected that the eyelash fluid emits an odor or petrol, the eyelash fluid should be replaced. Moreover, the service life of the mascara in 3 - on average For four months. How to identify expired eyeliner? Eyeliner, using the same product in the eyes. How to identify expired eyeliner? When we see eyeliner appeared on the common small white dot, such as the theory of how to cut can not remove the white dots, it shows that eyeliner is out of date. Eye makeup to alert, just because your province with, until expiration and don't even know it. At the same time, the liquid eyeliner pen is also often use one of the products, when liquid eyeliner, dry written began fleeciness, it shows that liquid eyeliner pen should also be changed. How to identify overdue block defect product? Block defect product, in order to perfectly cover face blain blain, spots, fine lines and other defects, so need to apply in some sensitive areas. Use outdated block defect product, can let the sensitive skin become more vulnerable. So we can start block defect product color, texture, to check whether the overdue. Under normal circumstances, the use of block defect goods period is one year, block defect liquid for a year, concealer can be up to two years. Before each use block defect product, should ensure that their own hands clean, prevent bacterial infections. How to identify expired cheek is red? Cheek is red, is in order to enhance color and use. Dab a small amount of blush every time, seemed to take a long time to cheek is red it finished. In use process, found that a layer of gray film appeared on the cheek is red, or has gone bad, you should stop using the cheek is red. In order to maintain cheek is red, we will put blush in a cool place. And after each use blusher, must put the blush brush to clean it again.
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