Cosmetics factory: how to emergency repair after sunburn?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Sorching summer, prevent bask in work is a priority, but no matter how, the sun do a sun too strong environment to stay for a long time, is still will unconsciously be sunburn. After sunburn? Can only see a dermatologist? 不! Know some urgent self-help measures after the sun, can also be dramatically reduced damage. With guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory small make up and see it! First, and most important, have a cool baths or washed a shower, the water temperature with cold advisable, shower time for 20 minutes. Cold water can relieve pain sunburnt skin discomfort. In addition, the shower do not make any bath products, such as soap, shower gel, otherwise the problem will only get worse. If serious sunburn, blisters, best to replace showers bubble cold water bath. After 20 minutes of bath, let the body's natural dry, because at that time any action for the skin friction is exciting. Next, the aloe oil with stomach gently daub where the sunburn, to keep your skin moist and slightly sticky sunburn state, the goal is to prevent skin dehydration. If necessary, you can also use the right amount of steroid topical creams to prevent sunburn skin inflammation, relieve skin redness. Finally, drink plenty of water. Sun's speech, loss of body water, so this time, nothing would be more more important than water!
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