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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
factory has analyzed how to dispel 'mite face' < p> 2018 - cosmetics factory 10 - 27 11:24:41 < / p> mite face & throughout; Four 1, if soon after facial cleansing from oil, soon it with mites sebaceous glands secretion corrosion to crazy oil has a lot to do. 2, mites, inside the pores, will slowly get big pore, appear such circumstance which USES again good contractive pore products also useless. 3, there are a lot of black head on nose, or white particles, extrusion lines of white matter, that it is possible that mite outside the oil plug or the trash into the pores. 4, often appear facial acne or acne, but the place is different, so it is possible that the mites. Wenzhou cosmetics factory to teach you how to remove & other; Mite face & throughout; Figure 1, the use of cleanser containing rosemary, orange flower rosemary has a bactericidal effect, that divide mite and sweet orange flowers can row net pore mites, secretion and garbage, repair mite hurt, let skin restore best. 2, sage boiled water washs a face sage is a kind of medicinal herbs, can repair the skin cells, purify oily skin, regulate the skin grease is secreted, reducing the activity of mites and bacteria, reduce inflammation, can help to improve acne, acne and other skin problems. 3, eucalyptus leaves after washing a face, the study found that eucalyptus juice have antiseptic antibacterial effect, it can inhibit mite. Eucalyptus juice with water for cleansing, have the effect very much to dispel mites. Is a lot of people said, every day I do a good job in skin care but why didn't improve the skin? Some people say that do not absorb skin, some people say that protect skin to taste is not suitable for. But cosmetics factory in wenzhou think it is possible that you have & other; Mite face & throughout; 。 If you use microscope to see the skin, will see mites in devouring the skin, the pores excretion waste. So, cosmetics manufacturer factory to provide you with the above Suggestions, hope to accept.
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