Cosmetics factory: harmful ingredients have?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Rising Numbers in recent years, cosmetics manufacturer factory, cosmetics factory is becoming more and more competitive. Lots of cosmetics manufacturers to increase the interest and increase the dependence on the girls, in the process of skin care products, add some harmful ingredients in actually incalculable damage to the skin of the girls. Preservatives to prevent pollution, protect skin to taste, all contain preservatives in cosmetics. Preservative is also a kind of unsafe ingredients, easy cause skin allergic inflammation, etc. At present, as long as a single commodity on the market do not contain preservatives, such high demand for the packaging of goods. The MM of simple skin allergy when you buy cosmetics must pay attention to whether contain preservatives. 2. Uv absorber in the summer, in order to prevent ultraviolet take tender clean skin, choose sunscreen cosmetics female everyone's top priority. Usually contain sunscreen sunscreen to protect skin to taste. But as a result of uv absorber itself is a photosensitive material, improper use will impact the onset of skin, cause photosensitivity reaction, etc. Alcohol is usually processed products ingredient in cosmetics, are generally rich in alcohol, originally it is to our skin has a lot of harm. Alcohol drenched with super power, can penetrate the cells in the body, make the protein denaturation and dehydrating cells, the skin will gradually lose flexibility. that are rich in alcohol processed products) on the skin after attacks are photosensitive reaction, cause skin pigment is aggravating, mottled attacks are difficult to reverse. Mineral oil contains mineral oil skin moist effect is very good, but the burden to the skin is very large. Standard for names of clean colour oil on the market a lot, including adding mineral oil is the most type, the price also differs because of purity, is worth to remind is, if the high purity, cosmetics manufacturer processing product safety is high; If the low purity, not only affect the cleaning effect, even will cause pore blockage. Five, hormone use cosmetics with hormone, often cause 'hormone hairdressing syndrome', even can present serious skin reactions. The early stage of the patients with allergic skin performance after use, ease, delicate skin, but after a period of time, allergic performance will be from the attack.
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