Cosmetics factory for a new spring: prevent bask in the market

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Recently, the market investigation organ Transparency market Research and open the sun care market: 2016-2024, the global industry analysis, scale, market share, growth, trends and prospects 'in the report made on the international market, consumers pay more attention to prevent bask in whether the product contains spots corrective anti-aging, skin regeneration, inhibit acne, reduce the black spots and moisturizing functions and related important functions such as survey of consumers. Report sunscreen manufacturers to launch innovative products, expand product, almost all the main forces are focused on research and development, actively, and through cooperation and merger rejuvenated, real growth. Domestic market also has maintained growth position, begin from 2013, prevent bask in market steadily rising trend is obvious, by now, consumers to buy sunscreen does not need to end too much to guide consumption. The past is coastal, seaside, spring, summer, protect skin to need sunscreen, now has become a lot of consumer everyday items, it changes with the environment, as well as the degree of attention to the skin to protect the consumers. From data, seasonal period sunscreen cosmetics manufacturer retail chain in the various regions sales proportion increase obviously, based on the market, the majority of retailers to bask in the market this year is full of confidence, sales targets are on the basis of the previous slightly ascending. Sunscreen products including adult sunscreen and infant sun block two kinds big. Statistics show that capacity of 50 sunscreen products market in China in 2015. The overall market 1 300 million yuan, accounting for cosmetics manufacturer. 6% of the share; 2011 - In 2015, sun block market average annual compound growth rate of 7. 9%. Sun protection products market is still dominated by the adult market, and consumer awareness of the harmful to the skin to ultraviolet ray is one of the biggest incentives to promote sales growth. Report highlights in the world is prevented bask in a product on the market, consumer demand for multi-functional product highlights, become a big power market expanding. Another is prevented bask in a product modification (spots 点校正) , the decrease of black spots ( 减少黑点) , anti-aging, skin regeneration, inhibit pimples and moisturizing function is also the important function of the appeal to consumers, such as natural and cause the result of market expansion. But the report points out that the use of chemical synthesis products cheap and FDA stressed the strict product trademarks benchmark that hinder is prevented bask in market growth. The report also pointed out that in huanya too region, the most notable and inferior products can bring sunscreen market circulation is the shadow of a big reason. Acute sense of the cosmetics manufacturers are also smell the flavor of an opportunity? ! Prevent basking in is just need female consumer market, want to curry favor with the group of 'appearance level', is also the spend bit of idea? Throughout the domestic market is almost the same sunscreen sunscreen, and what need waiting for takeoff, seize the opportunity created by its own tuyere not more le zai!
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