Cosmetics factory: face film processing should be paid attention to what issues?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Mask processing note 1) Cable version: general mask processing factory according to customer requirements for product quality to play version, such as color, consistency, scent, skin feeling, product effect, or is the price. Customers satisfied after receiving the sample trial confirmed, it version, then the next program is to order. But the general processing factory have a minimum quantity, usually 30 kg up to do. Depending on each cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer and not the same. 2) Orders: the mask processing orders generally to remit 50% of the deposit, the balance after the production once paid. 3) Packaging: the mask processing of packaging material: silk mask base cloth ( 384, invisible treasure, 483, etc. ) , aluminum foil bag, paper box. 4) Using three certificates: 3 card contains what are they? A specific production enterprise business license, production license, the hygiene licence. To a penny a points goods absolutely can't keen on gaining petty advantages while low sometimes is really very attractive, but also often signal into the unknown. XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory remind you: face film processing, price the second forever. Now more and more of the mask processing factory under the slogan of his own product at a lower price, but also the corresponding quality. So for you, is at a loss of business, while you are spending less money, but not guarantee product quality, is not a good thing for your brand, in the long run, credit is gone, why to talk about money? So when a customer in the selection mask processing plant, must choose of, mask also should pay attention to cost performance, not just only look at the price. This is the most wise choice.
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