Cosmetics factory: computer radiation spot how should prevent?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Computer radiate spot how should prevent? Cause skin aging of the three major killers are: natural aging cells, light aging, computer radiation basic in the 24 hours of today's environment is in a state of being radiation so how to avoid the skin exposed to radiation the spots? Many similar this kind of problem, when modern women enjoy the office computer to bring efficient and convenient at the same time, the enroach on of skin problems has been silent, has often been growing spot color of skin dark, dry lack water, pore coarsens, blain blain, dry eyes, black eye socket and aggravate a series of skin problems, especially in the radiation patch, but they climb to the face, so that in what form the computer radiation spot? Computer on the static press of skin damage is very big, static electricity can make the screen surface adsorption many dust in the air, and the part of the dust and dirt in the process of drift will be attached in our face, let the skin become dirty, blocked pore coarsens, blain blain, but also absorb the moisture of skin, dehydration. Over time, became a medical experts say 'computer skin' computer radiation. Computer radiate spot how should prevent? Action: the first cleaning work to do, to ensure that the screen is clean, every day, wipe again, before starting to reduce the accumulation of ash layer, also can give the computer with anti radiation sticker. After using the computer to wash their hands in time, wash your face, so can reduce seventy percent because the computer radiation and glue on the dust and dirt. The second recruit skin of isolation work is important, a little segregation frost can play a big role, not only can isolate dust makeup, are of great help for the isolation of radiation damage is also! It cannot completely blocked, but can reduce as dust adsorption directly from the computer radiation damage in the pores of the skin, belongs to a classification of the breast before makeup, different skin to choose suits own segregation frost can, evening remember makeup! The third recruit appropriate rest + hydrating, computer time should be 1 hour every 10 - to rest 15 minutes and is available in repose, or look at the distant scenery, do some eye exercises; Because of radiation can lead to dry skin, and can be used at this time filling water spray in a short time give skin filling water quickly, make dry skin in a timely manner. The fourth recruit prevention from within, can drink 2 - every day 3 cups of green tea, because tea contains abundant vitamin A former, after it is absorbed by human body, can quickly converted into vitamin A, vitamin A, not only can synthesis rhodopsin, still can make eyes see things more clearly under the dim light, therefore, green tea can not only eliminate the harm of computer radiation, can also protect and improve eyesight. If not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play against the computer radiation and adjust the function of body functions, spirulina, seabuckthorn oil - with the role of radiation, too! At ordinary times in the diet can also eat some carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean lean, animal liver rich in vitamin A, C and protein food, etc. , can effectively resist radiation! Five recruit for a radiation protection eyes, radiation protection glasses is in the process of the glasses lens, joined some compound material and in the lens on radiation protection membrane layer. Because the computer radiation is caused by electromagnetic wave, in general, electromagnetic wave has certain amplitude and wavelength. Radiation protection glasses compound medium and radiation protection membrane using this principle, using the interference between different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves for radiation protection purposes. So spare a radiation protection eyes, besides can protect your eyes, to buy a radiation-proof glasses lens a little big, can also be very good to prevent cheek raw radiation spot! Everyone wants to have a white inside deeply red skin, but everyone's skin is not perfect, how to let our skin to reach perfection, guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory let you people get every pursuit of Beauty is always the case! 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