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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
factory briefly describes the causes of pores 'strings' < p> 2018 - cosmetics factory 10 - 29 15:30:24 < / p> recently have a lot of friends in the cosmetics manufacturer factory's website message, said she was very vexed recently because of the nose, the nose has a lot of good big pores, can squeeze gently squeeze strips white & other; Strips & throughout; 。 Small make up to tell her, don't squeeze, squeeze words will only make his nose pore more bulky. For white & other; Strips & throughout; , but are familiar and strange, what exactly is it? Small make up cosmetics factory today just explain for everybody. 1, sebum secretions from the nose was the highest concentration of the secretion of oils and fats, if there is no clear in time, cause pore is filled with white & other; Strips & throughout; , once the white & other; Strips & throughout; More will be enlarged pores. Advice with hot towel apply face, then use disinfection acne needle pick. 2, mites, some friends be tempted to squeeze blackheads, you will find that gives each white particles, this is what mite secretion. Against mites, cosmetics manufacturer OEM enterprise in wenzhou small make up recommend that you use to mite bug to protect skin to taste is good, don't use such as egg qing dynasty folk prescription to remove, because sometimes will be allergic to the skin. 3, some because acne skin metabolism variation leads to the formation of the hair follicle sebaceous chronic inflammation, is the acne. Acne is not clear in time, long-term accumulation can form a stubborn blackhead. Occurrence acne can't eat spicy, Fried food, maintain good habits and eating habits, assure enough sleep time. Four fat, fat grain is generally appear in around eyes, mostly because of improper use protect skin to taste, which formed looks like a little white highlight color points, sometimes also can appear on the nose.
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