Cosmetics factory belt you know dust-free workshop

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
The beauty industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially by wechat business of agitation, poured into a large number of people, also for the beauty industry has injected fresh blood, cosmetics brand category has been more and more. In order to meet the demand of the market, OEM arises spontaneously, but now in the face of numerous OEM manufacturers, how much do you know? What is GMPC standard enterprise, dust-free workshop is what kind, GMPC10 level workshop and what do you mean? With these questions, zhuo for small make up to be a simple understanding. What is a cosmetic dust-free workshop? Dust-free workshop, usually refers to the space within the scope of the particles in the air, bacteria and harmful air pollutants such as exclusion, the indoor temperature, cleanliness, interior pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, lighting, static control within the scope of a certain demand, special design of the room. Regardless of external conditions change air, indoor can maintain its set requirements of cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure and other performance characteristics. What is a GMP10 than level workshop? GMPC dust-free workshop, it is to point to cleanliness at the workshop of GMPC requirements; While a level 100000 refers to a foot of space, allow the existence of 0. The number of 5 micron dust particles within the 100000, by the same token, the class of 300000 is a foot space allows the existence of 0. 5 within 300000 microns of dust particles. Level 3 filtering system? factory clean system is mainly composed of three levels ( The early, middle, high) Air filtration of central air conditioning air supply and return air, exhaust systems, power and lighting system; Working environment parameters monitoring alarm fire control and communications system; Abortion and logistics system; Process piping system; The maintenance structure, static ground processing and so on various aspects of the implementation of the required content, forming the whole equipment and air purification systems engineering contains and construction of form a complete set of equipment. Air shower cleanliness principle of dust-free workshop? Under the dynamic condition, dust-free workshop biggest placing signage at the operator of bacteria and dust, when the operator before entering the workshop, must be in accordance with the standard in clean air blowing dust grains adhered on the surface of the clothes, have the effect of damper. When a clean air from the air supply outlet is fed into the indoor, can quickly spread mixture, airflow from the inlet line again at the same time, using a clean air supply airflow mixing dilution effect, the original dust concentration higher indoor air dilute, indoor pollution sources of pollution material evenly spread at the same time can also be emitted in time, to reach the corresponding dynamic balance, can meet the cleanliness of the interior requirements, in order to achieve supply air play a role of good mixing dilution, the key is to make indoor air speed and air flow evenly spread. Generally in the cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing plant, storage between all USES ten thousand air purification standard level; , raw materials and laboratory room disinfection, filling, packaging material storage and locker room, air purification standard adopt thousands level; Other areas adopt level three hundred thousand air purification standard; It can effectively remove the air in 99. 97% of the bacteria and dust, ensure that all of the cosmetic products in a safe pollution-free environment within the manufacturing and packaging, ensure the best quality of product.
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