Cosmetics factory: americans a year need how many cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Referred to as the 'beauty economy' of China's cosmetics industry, after 20 years of rapid development, now has made unprecedented achievements. As the mainstay of cosmetics manufacturer consumer market, the female is played. With the constantly expanding of the total cosmetic processing at the same time, for the cosmetics market stable growth, how people spending a year cosmetics? 2008 - 2015 domestic cosmetics market size and growth in 2015, China's cosmetics retail sales amounted to 204. 9 billion yuan, China has become one of the world's largest cosmetics market. According to estimates, China's cosmetics industry market capacity is 3156. 800 million yuan, 2011 - In 2015 the average annual compound growth rate of 8. market scale, or 2%, to 2020, 435. 2 billion yuan, 2016 - Compound annual growth rate in 2020 is 6. 7%. 2008 - In 2015 China's total consumption of cosmetics cosmetics market retail sales in China has been more than after the United States, Japan, cosmetics retail market has been steady growth. In 2016, cosmetics realize gross domestic product (GDP) total of 74. 4127 trillion yuan, the realization of online retail sales total of 5. 1556 trillion yuan, the physical goods online retail sales of 4. 1944 trillion yuan. 2010 - In 2020 China's cosmetics manufacturer market size per capita cosmetics consumption level is low, the huge growth space in the future. A not makeup woman, the most basic skin care, cleansing, to water, milk, cream and eye cream, face cream, sunscreen, finally to the mask. According to the 150 g/a cleanser, use 2 times a day, about five bottles in; 200 ml/bright skin water, use twice a day, it takes about about 3 - off 4 bottles; Essence of 30 ml/branch, with 2 times a day, it takes about out about 12 bottles; 15 ml/the eye cream, with 2 times a day, it takes about about 3 - off 4 bottles; 50 g/cream, use 2 times a day, about 7 in bottle; 30 ml/a sunscreen, should spend at least a minimum of 2 bottles of a summer; Mask essential, it takes about 150 a year to stick around; So small make up also calculate not too clear, a year down, you want to use about 34 teams maintain article 121 stick a face of consumer spending also only you know! So plus seven not bad cosmetics, calculated according to the amount of per person per year, China's cosmetics huge potential for development space! Once a particular product advertising slogan is: one year sold more than seven hundred million cups, connected to two laps around the earth. So spent trillions of bottle of cosmetics a year, a year spent tens of thousands of paste mask, connected to the circle around the earth?
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