Cosmetics factory after 90 which countries do you really like cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
In recent years, domestic beauty makeup brand compete in a tide - — Brand younger, from pure and fresh and lovely packaging to product utility iteration, from the innovations on the live web celebrity to fresh meat spokesman rob war, from the interactive fun events to channel of the pin pulling, from variety show named sponsorship to the IP, each big brand seeks for, save up enough money, to strive for the biggest resource and to maximize. In 90 after the domestic cosmetic brand, purchase channels, brand information, choice of cosmetics, the problem such as marketing, 90 sister do after a group of 100 questionnaire, survey area is focused on the second and third tier cities in China. Surveyed 90 sister party for middle school students (30%), the dog to work accounted for 70%, 42% of which sister in monthly income of 3000 yuan of above, sister monthly income is 1000-44% 3000 yuan. This set of questionnaire survey purpose lies in the brand younger direction to bring some inspiration or shock. On the basis of the questionnaire, this paper puts forward two questions: 1. More and more good sales figures reflect the brand younger degree? 2. Purpose of brand marketing campaign aimed at young, what should be in addition to sales? Take a look at the condensed questionnaire essence how intuitive reflect the brand will be the wrong love after 90. 1. Good sales figures reflect the brand younger degree? Can only say that the brand according to data in the base of such a great Chinese cosmetics market, rather than on behalf of the brand in 90 after the market share. Oneself and friend around clearly no one is using domestic cosmetics, why so many brands also has successfully captured the young consumers can draw my brand? According to 42. 59% of the sister loves south Korean cosmetics manufacturer, 35. 19% of sister loves Japanese cosmetics, only 14. The sister of 8% in domestic. In question, 90 after sister view of domestic cosmetics is 'don't understand', 'no opinion', which also has a high-profile domestic brands, such as the sparrow gazelles, natural hall and hundred rough market, these three brands in the survey is 90 mentions the TOP3. Most of the domestic brands, but stressed that after 90 is the 'experience' from the mother or 'mother'. 'Don't understand' shows that in 90 after the domestic cosmetic brand positioning and brand image of fuzzy. Brand image how bright rippers, how to differentiate their docking personality after 90, is a brand needs to be faced with problems. The questionnaire shows that the biggest problem is that most domestic brand of young consumers out of control. Sales did not reflect the brand in the middle of the back component in 90, after all, the more tragic than they don't like is don't understand at all. 2. Purpose of brand marketing campaign aimed at young, what should be in addition to sales? Word of mouth, word of mouth is absolutely guarantee brand will not be abandoned medicine balls after 90. As a new generation of young consumer groups after 90, they are after 80, with independent brand awareness and unobstructed channels of access to information, the quality is the most concerned factors after 90. To build good reputation first need is the quality of the product. Questionnaire, research object to dare not with the cause of the domestic brands, is the 'guangdong goods, did not dare to use'. This view is not aimed at guangdong and guangdong brand, but for those pseudo imports of factory goods. Any industry will appear the phenomenon of fish in troubled waters, but these pseudo import brand is undermining consumer confidence of young consumers. Domestic cosmetic brand is not the start was rejected after 90, after 90 or student party, information and channels are not very clear, the price people, my mother's boot is the phase selection of the main causes of domestic after 90. However, once the the group of 90 grew up to be a dog to work, tends to be cruel to abandon the domestic, have more imports of word of mouth and cost-effective to follow. Have to say that 'once abandoned, from now on is passers-by' situation is very difficult to want to turn, domestic reputation accumulation on imports to achieve must be reversed. Now almost all the domestic cosmetic brand 'younger' fluctuation kongfu, advertising and marketing investment, however, after 90 on domestic cosmetics awareness does not seem to be increased with the increase of domestic brand marketing in ascension. Homebred brand for consumers in updating concept, need long time accumulation of word of mouth. More domestic brands is still in the build up reputation, consumer confidence on the path of struggle. Domestic cosmetics brand, therefore, should pay attention to after the 90 strong brand consciousness, and not the wrong thought is brand younger in order to achieve higher sales, sales of hidden defects is brand true swimmer.
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