Cosmetics factory: add preservatives advantage or disadvantage?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
Preservatives to protect skin to taste, cosmetics preservative role is primarily to prevent microbes breeding, reasonably extend the shelf life of products, ensure that the product won't because of all kinds of pollution and deterioration during use. Preservatives to protect skin to taste, protect skin to taste the maintenance component, mostly belongs to the natural organic matter such as amino acids, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, vegetable gum, etc. , all bacteria, microbial breeding, good environment, so the preservative also become widely to add the composition of the skin care products manufacturing process. Recently, the preservative pros and cons, again caused controversy. Enterprise more hype preservative-free small make up today visited shenzhen cosmetics department stores, the daily care series is a new brand of listed in 'small bottles of science and technology' for the selling point. These little bottles is a pocket, in their products make up water and emulsion only 30 ml, respectively the day cream is only 18 g, equivalent to other brand protect skin to taste the capacity of the sample. Clinique, for example, in the classic products make up water content of up to 200 ml, 125 ml lotion. Sales staff said that is designed to ensure that the product opened after use of time is short. 'Must use the small bottle packing, because we have this brand does not contain preservatives and other additives, the shelf life of the product itself is short. Traditional skin care products in use will contact with air, resulting in the loss of composition oxidation and nutrition, and generally add preservatives. 'And another brand counters in the obvious position with big size suggests that' absolutely don't add spice ', but do not make the preservative. Reporters further consulting sales staff, reply said product does contain 'necessary anti-corrosion additives', but in a safe range. In a 200 ml bottle of liquid cleansing soap, for example, sodium benzoate, sodium benzoate, Chemical formula: C6H5CO2Na) , E Numbers E211, benzoic acid sodium salt. Sodium benzoate is a common food preservative, prevent metamorphism, extend the shelf life of the effect, are widely used in the countries all over the world. And phenoxyethanol, phenoxyethanol is a frequently used in skin care products of organic compounds, can be composed of ethylene glycol and benzyl alcohol ether, common in skin creams and sunscreen. Phenoxyethanol is a colorless, oily liquid, with antibacterial efficacy ( Commonly used with quaternary ammonium salt) , often in biological buffer solution was used as a venomous substitute for sodium azide, because 2 - Phenoxyethanol low toxicity, and is not active on the chemistry of copper and lead. In the cosmetics manufacturer, vaccines and drugs showed preservative millennium. Two elements are very common preservative. Preservative pros and cons debate about the dangers of preservatives, some say, preservatives have five big effects on the skin, respectively, will be gathered in the skin cutin layer, promotes the skin aging, promote DNA damage skin cells and leads to the formation of a cuticle, hinder the cosmetic ingredients work. Even wrote: 'a drop any harmful additives, preservatives, fungicides, etc should not be a part of our daily maintain article. 'But many cosmetics industry insiders said the preservative is not so terrible. 'There may be a misunderstanding here, at the mention of preservatives on the social thought of cancer, and therefore a fearful. But the preservative inhibition is the main purpose of the breeding of harmful bacteria, don't let bacteria and mold toxin in the product, or lead to metamorphic blooms. At this point, they are work is more than before, should not be too superstitious claims that do not add any preservatives of cosmetics. 'A daily chemical, senior marketing planner, said state permission to add preservatives, adding in the permission scope, add doses, its security without having to worry about. ' is chemistry, the temperature difference, the carrier of glass or plastic, and the circulation of storage for a long time, can make the product, preservatives is to stabilize the product performance. 'Of the concept of' no added preservatives 'is just a hype, big circulation of cosmetics can't completely do not add a preservative efficacy. generation process whether there should be a preservative, preservative harm have how old? Believe you to look at the article above, there is a certain understanding. Below small make up a summary: according to many years of industry experience, according to the 20 years of industry experience told me that 'cosmetics regardless of the packing size, unless it is the disposable use, otherwise each use is likely to be infected with bacteria, and preservatives is in order to be able to quickly recover aseptic condition. If the disposable products and claims no added preservatives, is it find some substitutes, both anti-corrosion effect, composition of the raw material and is not in the national laws and regulations in the content, then it can claim no preservatives, but that doesn't mean don't add elements 'alternative to have antiseptic effect, compared with the original general antiseptic, its side effects are more difficult to measure? After all cosmetics preservatives added are now national within the scope of security allowed, add ingredients stability is strong. And some big package, or a long shelf life, does not contain preservatives or other anticorrosive ingredients is impossible. Unless is one-time use product, due to contamination, bacteria contaminated cosmetics will be safer than in range of a preservative cosmetic damage is greater.
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