Cosmetics factory about pore cleaning method have

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
The pores of the skin is refers to the resin adsorption after hair root granule surface of the skin or leather exposed hole structure. Different animals have different skin pore size and unique sort, produce different texture profile control layer. Skin pores are familiar with the common man grow hair 'hole', it also has a lot of key role, in which we can feel deep is metabolism of skin glands points shall be content. Face pore bulky triggers a, waste blocked - — This age but also the peak time of vegetable fat metabolism. Can't fall down on schedule, causing the skin pores to expand. Squeeze blain too much stimulus - — Will make the pores of the skin more thick. Wipe a stimulate skin care products and medicine cream can make jam more and more serious, the pores of the skin will be bigger and bigger. 1, must pay attention to when the pores clean with warm boiled water, make skin pores open to clean up the inside of besmirch, if the application of cold water, will be very easy to tighten the pores, clean up. 2, clean the pore cleanser, due to help clean the stains inside the pore cleanser, if your skin pores to besmirch very much, proposed USES the clear cleanser. 3, except washs a face, also want to apply face film on time, such as maintain 2 times each week hydrating mask, can let skin pores clean up more clean and tidy! 4, normal except washs a face, also want to use embellish skin water to do secondary cleaning skin pores of the skin, to embellish skin water on makeup cotton, then gently scrub all face, make the skin pores clean again. 5, if it is colour makeup girl, often must use discharge makeup fluid before sleeping will face makeup product discharge is divided, then fall asleep, prevent not to discharge makeup to wool bursa jams, so bad skin pores to clean up! If improper cleaning can cause: skin skin dermis continuously manufacturing cells, and to the top floor, stay after somatic embrittlement, if you don't pay attention to clean the skin, can't fall on schedule, cause the skin pores to expand. Why your skin pores can be enlarged, stain is due to not clean the sebaceous glands long-term residual results. Connection is because discharge makeup steps not fully implement. Discharge makeup step two: the first to remove eye makeup lip position, then remove facial makeup, cleanser on the bubble cleaning, washing in cold water. In addition, the usual application foundation, should pay attention to choose the type ventilation rate can better soft foundation, it is not easy to plug the pores of the skin harm the skin to breathe in.
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