Cosmetics contract where to find?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
A, cosmetics factory where to find? Chinese cosmetics factory mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, and cosmetics factory in guangdong is the most, has nearly 2000. For example, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai and other places of cosmetics manufacturers, if the customer at the local, can directly to visit cosmetics factory to understand. And, of course, also can through the Internet to find cosmetics OEM OEM manufacturers. Through the telephone consultation, preliminary talks, can understand XJ Beauty cosmetics generation processing related key points and preliminary cost quotation. Second, whether to have an aptitude for cosmetics and processing? Understand the cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer, must first have a look at the qualifications of the company. Small make up sums up here, cosmetics factory should have the new 'business license', 'cosmetics production license. The processing cosmetics production is completed, the trademark registration certificate, the product bar code, sales link must have the health inspection report, the quality inspection report, etc. Three processing, cosmetics type is special use cosmetics? At present, the domestic cosmetics, card processing type includes nine categories: spot, whitening, acne removing, repair, hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, body building, deodorant, etc. If there is no appearance, need to entrust a cosmetics factory to declare, shortest time period also want to 6 months, and the process is more complex. If you have any certificate, cosmetics manufacturers or the customer's hand can be products production and processing. Factors affecting cosmetics manufacturer processing fees in one, material quality: do cosmetics generation process before, it is necessary to define the positioning of products and sales channels, cosmetics sales channels mainly are: professional line of cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics + cosmetic line. The product cosmetic line generally ZouDian channel, wechat business channels, professional line of products is in view of the beauty salon, positioning, for the product quality requirements are different. General cosmetic line of products within the price will be lower, professional line of products within the required material price is relatively high. Second, the material quality: there are two kinds of packaging materials, packaging materials and outsourcing material, packaging material in general is glass bottle, plastic bottle, hose, etc. , outsourcing material is usually pallets. Customers can also provide their own internal and external packaging, only need to cosmetics contract generation processing production within the material and then filling and packaging. Three, minimum quantity: generation of processing orders or packaging material quantity, involves a minimum quantity problem, large quantity can save labor costs, reduce the mechanical consumption cost, so the processing quantity is little words the price is relatively high some. If cosmetics generation processing order is larger, create beauty institute will offer certain discount, the more we discount the more volume! Four, other cosmetics generation processing fee: generation of processing and other services fees, product inspection fee, registration fee, etc. , is the customer to choose other way of processing, some mature formula brands should bring along their own products, whether it involves the factory need to order the raw material, time cost will increase, cosmetics that can affect the generation processing fees.
There are many issues that affect cosmetics solution, which has led to the need of getting specialists trained in certain areas so as to handle all issues that may arise as well as cosmetic design products that can solve makeup solution problems.
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