Cosmetics contract tell you which brand is 'stick a card'

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-07
When we buy 'stick a card' to protect skin to taste, why are we paying? China is one of the world's largest 'OEM factory', whether it's electronic products iPhone, apparel adidas, lancome cosmetics, have the contract in China. I can tell you a 10 - 20 yuan/piece of facial mask may cost a is less than 2 yuan? If mass production, the cost may be lower. It is said that, I don't know true and false) In South Korea, bought a kiwi fruit facial mask seems as long as 3 yuan han, is that the renminbi would be less than 2 cents. If all the cosmetics brand is stick a card? Most of the yes. Even have their own factories, some of the things will be out to contract. Every cosmetics brand has a lot of series, different series may be produced by different foundries. The following brands and suppliers have cooperation. Skin care products: 1, lancome, shu uemura, kans, card position, the sparrow gazelles contract by secco silk beautiful poetry. 2, kans, hundred rough market, high posture by the medes industry. 3, La Prairie, barbie wave lang, estee lauder by CRB jade-like stone terri's exclusive skincare company contract. 4, Watson olive series ( Skin care) , SKIN Advanced, such as SKIN Simple brands are produced by contract research and development. : 1, natural hall, pearl, beautiful skin, pill beauty, treasure mgpin, Mary d better, such as domestic brands, dior, lancome, chanel, armani and other international brands by ying terri foundry production of cosmetics. 2, the face shop, innisfree well-known brands such as air cushion products is by herself, jia poem foundry. 3, the appearance and Korea powder family, ya li jie brands such as air cushion cream is silk beauty poem foundry production. Mask: watsons tencel series mask, morita makeup did not depend on the contract, all factory production of the brand? There are! For two international SK - chestnuts II both Japan and domestic a tax-free shop or shop of Hong Kong, South Korea, SK - II is the same production line, the same raw material in the same process. Domestic city of the whole era belongs to li feng company's brand, the company's own research and development production factory. This means that 'stick a card' brand strength weak, unreliable? Not necessarily, pure from contract cannot derive any conclusions, after all this is being adopted widely in cosmetics industry production organization form, is becoming more and more become a kind of trend. Standing in the business point of view, the expansion of production capacity always lags behind the growth in sales. No matter how big the brand, there are always some category is not good at, others can do better, or thin profits, and everyone can do. As long as the brand research and development of the control in your hand, do a good job in supervision and quality control, some production outsourcing is entirely reasonable. But as a consumer, know their own makeup is so produced, all of a sudden they don't have a mystery, the original brand and small brands that are coming out of a factory, hard to avoid feel spent money! Electric goods brand some contract supply too 'shanzhai' those cosmetics brand dedicated to electric business channels, basically have no own factory, is OEM route. These factories are mainly concentrated in zhejiang and guangdong area, especially in shangyu, zhejiang and guangzhou baiyun district and conghua district. These factories are basically local, there are a few is all Taiwanese owned or joint venture. According to the survey, protect skin to taste the most sought-after two foundry is located in guangzhou from the 'guangzhou li feng cosmetics' and 'pure', guangzhou baiyun district. In addition to these big cosmetics manufacturer, all guangzhou has more than 2000 cosmetics factory, many of them not listed in the manual bottlers, deep brand supplies products to a small electrical goods. Has built the little nurse started the star products of the sunscreen, one of China's most senior cosmetics formula YanChuanJiang revealed: 'cosmetics brand electric commodity, have their own formula can be snapping fingers the number of them. Certain category such as cleanser, essential oils, BB cream, circulation of the market mature formula, slightly change became different brand products. Some just popular products such as the snail cream, get a bottle of to study the composition label, by taste, colour and lustre, ratio of tactility can prevent, can copy to ninety percent similarity level. 'There are a lot of people like the beauty of the diary, mainland sales 3 beautiful diary two piece is false. ( Especially some treasure a small shops) Guangzhou there some wholesale market or small factory specializes in counterfeit, 10 yuan a catty, how much do you want? Some sell on a treasure cleansing milk, cream, emulsion, many bottles is oneself buy a certain brand, then make some small workshops according to the brand elements to copy. Finally sold you is so-and-so brand production. In general, offline have the entity shop than pure electric commodity brand depends on spectrum. In addition, cosmetics production origin is really important, for guangzhou there to protect skin to taste, market is relatively will be some mess, part of the product itself may no protection. So, looking for cosmetics generation process must find normal large factories.
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