Cosmetics container what is the distinguishing feature of PMMA bottle of PMMA material

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
Cosmetics bottle container PMMA adopt PMMA materials to make, what is the distinguishing feature of this material? PMMA plastic, poly (methyl methacrylate ( Polymethylmethacrylate, hereinafter referred to as PMMA Acrylic in English) , also known as the force that press a gram or organic glass, in Hong Kong, much as the strength glue, high transparency, low price, easy machining etc, and is often used in glass replacement materials. Poly (methyl methacrylate monomers of methyl methacrylate ( MMA, acrylic monomer) 。 Good transparency and have prominent aging resistance; It's less than half of the common glass, but the fracture resistance is several times higher; It has good insulation and mechanical strength; Of acid, alkali, salt has the strong corrosion resistance; And easy processing; For bonding, sawing, planing, drilling, carving, grinding, screen printing, sandblasting manual and mechanical processing, such as heating can be bending die into all kinds of acrylic products, such as cosmetics bottles. PMMA of light weight, low density than glass: PMMA's density of about 1150 - 1190 kg/m3, it is glass, 2400 - 2800 kg/m3) In the half. The size of the same material, the weight is only half of the common glass, aluminum, Belong to light metals) Of 43%. PMMA mechanical strength is high, the relative molecular mass of the organic glass is about 2 million, is a long chain of polymer compounds, and form a molecular chain is very soft, therefore, the strength of the organic glass is higher, tensile and impact resistant ability of 7 ~ 18 times higher than common glass. Tensile strength is 6 ~ 7 kg/mm 2, compressive strength of 12 ~ 14 kg/mm 2, resistance to impact better than polystyrene; It also has the characteristics of not easily broken. There is a heated and stretch the processed organic glass, one of the molecular chain arrangement is very good order, make the material toughness has increased significantly, with a nail into the organic glass, even if the nail penetrated, organic glass, crack, also does not produce the organic glass was breakdown after the bullet also not broken into pieces. Therefore, stretching after processing of organic glass can be used as bulletproof glass, is also used as a canopy on military aircraft. PMMA under molten state characterized by high melt viscosity, liquidity is poorer, the melt viscosity is more sensitive to temperature changes. Injection of the change of temperature effect on the melt flow length than the injection pressure, and have significant injection rate, some are more significant than the mold temperature. So the change of PMMA forming liquidity mainly from the injection temperature. The particles of water imbibition of 0. 3% ~ 0. 4%, the existence of water makes the melt appear bubbles, the products have silver, also to reduce the transparency. Cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer is required before the injection of resin for dry processing. 441. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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