Cosmetics container using injection molding process, reduce the defective rate of the products

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
Necessary use of cosmetics for women, because women feel about popular trend, color, style is very sharp, therefore, the appearance of the cosmetics packaging container, if slightly out of fashion or without any colour, style, creation, will not be able to attract the attention of female consumers, for cosmetics sales presentation and all have great influence, therefore, how to develop a more specific style of opportunely and beautiful effect, can also with the function of cosmetics display cosmetics container, is the industry to develop improved target. After injection is to make the mold, the plastic burning after fusion with pressure injected into the mold. Bottle blowing is used as a good plastic moulds after heating softening in the embryo, the embryo within the join high pressure air, thinning of the tensile softening of the embryo, formation and mould the same products. At present, cosmetics containers usually includes shell and cover suitable for shell on the cover body, often use its shell bottle blowing or injection molding process. Through the bottle blowing process of cosmetic containers exist many problems, such as defective items. The shell can be single or double. When described shell for double layer, which include bottle blowing respectively into the outer shell and inner shell and outer shell suit them after the bottle blowing process in the inner body and install both as a body, but under normal circumstances, after installation of tightness between outer shell and inner shell is not enough, will affect the beautiful sex of the shell shape, reduce the simple sense of cosmetics. At the same time, the traditional use of injection molding shell cannot be processed into internal hollow shaped double-layer structure, because of its shell is closed to demould. In traditional technology, the injection molding process is usually made of shell single layer structure, but when the shell in order to achieve the use effect of double layer structure of shell, the shell made of high wall thickness must be container, the shell side is solid, shell weight after molding. Compared Yu Zhongkong double shell structure, the high cost of materials, processing and high wall thickness of the mould cost is high, the molding cycle is long lead to low efficiency, and easy to deformation in machining, easy shrink lead to low yield. In view of this, cosmetics containers using injection molding process, reduce the defective rate of the products, improve product quality and appearance of the beautiful sex. In order to meet the injection tooling mould process requirement, such as when to open on the bottom of the outer shell, cooperate with the bottom cover open at the bottom of the assembly. Zhongshan city, the plastic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of various kinds of blow molding, injection molding, screen printing plastic packaging, providing customers with many varieties, complete specifications of PE, PS, PP, PVC, PET, etc as the raw material of plastic packaging containers, is deep the customer the consistent high praise, we have a price advantage, excellent product quality. 393. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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