Cosmetics container recycled plastic technology to cater to the low carbon globalization trend

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
Cosmetics container construction of the recycled plastic craft won great progress against sex ratios for several years, plastic recycled plastic recycling dominating craft, make plastic bottles from receive rate greatly ascend, plastic bottles and a repentance to the received receive low, burned more quantity, the scene image from the image, but due to the capital of a few times repeatedly dominating, favoured by many businesses. For pleasure for low carbon globalization trend, many large beverage, food, plastic bottles and cosmetics container manufacturers are preliminary prior purchasing and production of recycled plastic container production of cosmetics. According to survey data show that the plastic with reasonable price and the quality of the lighter won the competitive position of cosmetics packaging materials, cosmetic plastic packaging has occupied more than 72% of market share and become the main packaging materials. Glass, give a person a kind of noble outside perception, due to its inherent characteristics, such as bright transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy shaping, use a metal ion colouring agent can be made into a variety of color, glass is mainly used in high-end cosmetics packaging, packaging and perfume in the cosmetics packaging market share of nearly 20%. Metal packaging market share is gradually decline, the market share of nearly 5%. Plastic strength, light quality, and not easily broken, etc in the competition, not only that, a wide variety of plastic packaging design can be realized in a very short period of time and implement in production. On the other hand, nowadays the cosmetics market is very competitive, finalized in the design of the packaging is often after the product is about to promote the market in a second, to ensure that the products always keep up with the trend of the development of the market and consumers' taste requirements. PET bottles, cans of the main application areas concentrated in the skin care products, bath dew and cosmetics. Cosmetics container complete an OET raw materials to improve heat resistance, first of all, the heat-resisting performance of PET cosmetic bottles to be forward, PET cosmetic bottles in the packaging bottles, cooking oil and so on many product hour may be exposed to low temperature, how under the low temperature scene image and PET bottle can have enough heat-resisting performance, is very important. Forward PET cosmetic bottles of heat-resisting performance to enhance competitiveness will play a great improve impregnation. Next, the invariance of PET bottle, if PET cosmetic bottles can be long dominance of a few times repeatedly, or link material is of good and the same, so will make it on the waste bottles of dominating the market gain more useful, will also take more about the part and the ego. For recycled plastic, the plastic products I wish from the relevant part to the consumption which will handle, only in this way to adjust to make the low carbon regeneration project champion greater efficacy. 415. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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