Cosmetics container packing has the effect of cosmetics industry cannot little sales

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
The sales force and aesthetic decide between the two have not. Actually the aesthetic does not affect sales; In contrast with aesthetic product packaging can promote sales. A good packing without judging criteria, the customer through is cosmetics container packing. Every time buy cosmetics for women, the shop assistant often recommend packaging exquisite products better, so, for the cosmetics industry, good packing also will bring a good sales! The stand or fall of packaging visual performance is often printed label is clear; If cosmetics container design is delicate and chic. Now ordinary cosmetics bottle series, washing supplies cosmetics container, most based on high density polyethylene. To meet the requirements of different product packaging, plastic bottles to choose material also increasingly rich rise. Wine bottle, cosmetic bottle, beverage bottle series, series of pickles, coffee bottle series, due to the transparent container can let the consumer see the content clearly, so consumers demand for transparent container is more and more widely. Cosmetics packaging, with the improvement of technical level, gradually highlights personalized display and packaging development innovation, the introduction of new technology and new technology and application, the characteristic such as the development of new environmental protection materials and alternative, safe and convenient packing will be more welcomed by the market. In cosmetics, washing products industry, for example, the famous during the 80 s, the country has hundreds of millions of customers and old brand, now can only resort to increasingly cut consumption group to maintain its low sales. Institute of packaging is a corporate image and marketing links, is the strategy execution, is a medium of communication, is economic benefits, must be good at using, skillful in using glass bottle packaging design. From the product content to the packaging design, parts, or even completely imitate, only to make the prototype. A regional production of product packaging design as a brand, a family production of series products. Give full play to the packaging have function. Of such as glass bottle factory packaging design and advertising to the combination of cosmetic containers, packaging design and promotion, etc. , the combination of modelling design and packaging itself. Most of the domestic packing carries no open, drink, storage or logo is not comprehensive. In terms of information of the icon, it is not in line with international standards. 507. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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