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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
co-packer: use the hydrating products didn't effect the cause of the < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer generation plant 11 - 16 18:00:45 < / p> comes to concentrate, believes that many people have said no stranger, basically every fairy had concentrate. , said co-packer concentrate is the essence of the condensed essence, with highly active, high permeability and other properties, can recover the best state to the skin in a short period of time. Concentrate composition is single, contains a high concentration of active, no added preservatives, pigment, etc. , to quickly solve the problem of the skin, but also won't feel burden to skin. Today small make up recommend cullinan hyaluronic acid moisturizing concentrate, inject large amounts of water for skin, replenishing water lock water, hydrating effect is very good also, often use can contractive pore, improve dark skin, rough. Hyaluronic acid has a special role in water, is currently the moisturizing effect best substance found in nature, known as the ideal natural moisturizing factor. It can improve skin nutrition metabolization, make the skin tender, smooth, remove wrinkles, increase elasticity, prevent aging, while moisturizing and good transdermal absorption promoting agent. Used together with other nutrients, can rise to promote the absorption of nutrients more ideal effect.
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