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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
co-packer outlining the watsons China performance close to stop falling < p> 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer generation plant 08 - 07 17:36:25 < / p> after successive years of negative growth, Watson in the mainland areas of performance finally saw the falling of hope. Watson, the parent company of the Yangtze river and industrial co. , LTD. ( 00001. HK hereinafter referred to as long and) Released on August 2, after-hours unreviewed interim results. As of June 30, 2018, Watson, operating income increased by 16%, compared with 4% last year have larger ascension. Same-store sales, although is still falling, down from 4. 3% narrowed to 1. 4%. Watson to 600 stores in the domestic, took 20 years ( In 1990 & ndash; — 2010) , and after 2010, Watson took six years to 3000 stores, can use the100 meters described the pace. However, with the popularization of mobile payment and online shopping, store business under the strong compression from the electricity. Has more than 3000 stores selling income falling, the cost is high. Beginning in 2015, Watson China's business in crisis. This year, Watson same-store sales in the mainland region from the growth of 3. 5 to 9% fall. 1%. In 2016, the number fell by more than 10%, further revenue more negative growth for the first time, down by 4%. In 2017, while operating income rose 4%, but same-store sales continue to slide 4. 3%. Is worthy of mention cosmetic plants, Watson in the first half of this year in mainland stores also increased 12%, to 3377, shows the watsons to store still have strong confidence in the future. Liu peng, vice President of the Beijing foreign studies university international business school, told reporters that Watson vast stores can bring more convenience to consumers, promote sales, but once the stores losses, enterprise's losses will be bigger. Transformation of new retail thanks to rapid growth in the number of stores, Watson in the mainland area of health and beauty market always maintains its position as the giant. In recent years, however, the decline in the performance makes the watsons have to rethink the development direction of the future. Long and mentioned in the interim, the group will continue to improve ability of electronic business and invest in the digital platform, at the same time through a global network to open new stores in the retail sector of natural growth.
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