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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
Small cosmetics co-packer outlining the unqualified project knowledge < p> 2018 - cosmetics generation plant 08 - 03 15:54:33 < / p> a, in accordance with the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' regulation, sunscreen and hair color cosmetics manufacturer for special use cosmetics, must obtain approval rear can production. plants according to the regulations on administrative licensing to accept for cosmetics, cosmetics formula or may involve the safety of other changes, shall, in accordance with the new product to declare. Second, the supervision and sampling inspection found unqualified is prevented bask in class and dye products of the main problem is the actual detection components do not tally with the approval documents or label formula, belongs to the cosmetic co-packers for enterprises to change the behavior of the product formula, in violation of the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' 'cosmetics identity management regulations' and other relevant regulations. Unqualified products and related enterprise in violation of the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' 'cosmetics identity management regulations' and other relevant regulations. State drug administration requirements in guangdong, liaoning province food and drug administration after check in accordance with the law, supervise and urge relevant production enterprise for sales related products already on the market take timely measures, such as recall investigation and punished in accordance with the law; Requirements of jiangxi, the jilin province food and drug administration ordered related business units to take immediate measures to control risk, such as the shelves of suspected counterfeit products, to deep check the essential supply channels, to violation behavior, shall be investigated according to law, suspected of the crime of transferred to public security organs in accordance with the law. The food and drug supervision and administration department at the provincial level within 3 months from the date of announcement, public related to production and sales of substandard cosmetics enterprises or units of processing as a result, the relevant information in a timely manner in the national cosmetic checking fill in the information system, and report on the state drug administration.
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