Cosmetics co-packer latest disinfection solution!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
Now many, cosmetics manufacturer factory production workshop is done with a lot of old party such as ultraviolet disinfection, but the effect is very bad, why has always had a reason: still use ultraviolet sterilization cheap, put a few lights only need several hundred yuan cost, but there is a lot of ultraviolet sterilization sterilization corner, simply can not meet the requirements of sterilization, and the widely application of ozone can now have a reason: the ozone sterilization disinfection rapid fast, the cost is also very low, but the sterilization effect is ultraviolet thousands of times. Generally are just a few cosmetics plants workshop to disinfection, only need to buy separate several ozone generator is enough, today we say all the workshop or large area disinfection solution. First of all, it is necessary to large area disinfection cloth pipeline, because of not ozone diffusion distance of 15 meters, ozone disinfection is greater than the number is less, so we sent him to the specified location only through pipes. Below is our pipeline scheme for the customer. Because the customer disinfection area above too far, so the pump of ozone machine is increasing, you sometimes also need to pay attention to the choice. How to choose what ozone machine, workshop disinfection with the air source ozone generator, ozone size to the area of disinfection, with himself and the need to achieve that kind of disinfection effect, in general, workshop disinfection to achieve level 100000. You can provide these to the ozone generator cosmetics manufacturer, they will according to your request to configure the ozone generator. Ozone pipe layout, if the ozone pipe outside of the ceiling need only on the PVC pipe drilling, ozone tube then pick out some nozzle in the ceiling, as shown in the figure below: after installed, just take the ozone into the pipeline can be carried out on the whole workshop disinfection, pay attention to during the workshop disinfection please make sure that no one in the workshop. See meaning disinfection time 2 hours before work or after work, ozone disinfection as long as the set time can also implement round-the-clock automatic unmanned guard disinfection, convenient and quick.
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