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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
factory has analyzed how to choose the mask generation processing? < p> 2018 - cosmetics generation plant 07 - 30 10:56:24 mask as < / p> cosmetics co-packer market penetration in China is gradually increased, face film market has huge potential for the future development of China. China film of face of the market at present is still in the low permeability. In the presence of relatively large a market share, in addition to spell technique and effect, the influence of the brand itself should not be ignored, bouquet, after all, also afraid of deep alley. Before you find mask generation processing factory, you need to do something. 1. Registered company, the company has the mainland companies, with Hong Kong company. If the mediation to registered company. Mainland companies is about 2016 yuan, the company 5000 yuan of Hong Kong, Hong Kong company, you can literally name, what a French company, south Korean companies such as can be. 2. Registered trademark, of course, is not mandatory to countries registered trademark, but in this era of intellectual property rights has become increasingly important, are you still going to the registered trademark. And also no loss, follow-up the trademark into R, you can also sell some money. Said trademark here, a lot of friends ask, I am just registered trademark, can produce the products? Trademark passing rate has certain opportunity, intermediary company will give to you, in the pass rate above 80%, basic can do the goods. General trademark will receive acceptance notice 3 months, a year later will be converted into R standard. But trademark think name is very difficult, I would like to for a long time, didn't think out a good name. The name has something to do with you positioning of the target customers, many customers will very exotic name, or a foreign sounds like South Korea. 3. Looking for factory, choose products. This will need to find a relatively more experienced factories like jia cosmetics co-packer so there are more than 10 years experience of OEM brand for cosmetics to make products, production capacity to also know, of course the most main is your looking for a factory, can consider a problem for you, after all, is this your first time to do the product, a lot of problems is not very good. A lot of problems, you also are not considered. Choose products, according to your location of customer groups to control costs. Lower in high-grade these types, can be customized in the factory. Since so many clients ask me price, I just had to answer her. Is according to the requirements of customers for products. 4. The main point is cost, many people come and ask me how much money to invest, only can do the product. To tell the truth, you invest millions are no problem. Actually, according to the positioning is not the same, of course, the investment is not the same. So according to actual condition to determine. From the mask of each parts to determine their own cost. The mask color box + + + mask mask cloth liquid mask bag. The main cost in the mask color box, cloth and liquid. Mask color box from more than 1 piece to several pieces of membrane cloth is mainly three types: non-woven fabric, fiber, silk. The material body can calculate according to the effect of, general moisture is cheaper, effect, such as whitening, such as acne, must be expensive. I really want to say with the customer, don't always said I feed your body, mainly color box packaging materials, such as expensive, we are killing himself, also don't earn money. Can see that the mask is also in constant change, of course, also don't be careless when you choose again.
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