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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
co-packer editrice spots formation reasons and spot method < p> 2018 - cosmetics generation plant 11 - 15 17:36:08 < / p> 1, ultraviolet irradiation, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, melanin will rise to the surface of the skin, thus forming a splash. 2, pressure and life habits, work pressure big, sleep enough time can lead to skin dark heavy, speed up the formation of melanin. 3, radiation, radiation and ultraviolet ray, can make facial spots. 4, hormone secretion disorder, menstruation and pregnancy hormone level changes in vivo, can affect the generation of melanin. Emotionally unstable can also accelerate the production of color spot. 5, abuse of cosmetics manufacturer, abuse of cosmetics, or inappropriate use of cosmetics, also can aggravate the speed up of the pigment. Believe many fairies have tried a lot of spot skin care products, most of them are no effect. But recently many netizens have said there's a spot product effect is very good, small make up specifically to look at, think this spot product does have the effect very much, so to recommend the cosmetics plants, it is beautiful skin fair-skinneds ion muscle repair kit. The ion through muscle beautiful skin fair-skinneds repair kit from the co-packer cosmetics, is a spot, the spot effects were crazy thumb up, it's no wonder that so many Internet users are recommended. It USES yeast extract, soybean amino acids, tremella polysaccharide, carnosine, bacillus, soybean fermented product extract, sodium hyaluronate, tocopherol acetate, such as composition, hydrating, fight decline wrinkles, remove skin surface stains, inhibit the growth of melanin in the deep layer of the skin at the same time, the mechanism of repair skin, make skin more smooth, even, bright. Yeast extract is rich in natural amino acid, various nourishment composition cell proliferation can inhibit tyrosinase activity, thus suppressing melanin and achieve whitening, long-lasting moisturizing and accelerated aging cuticle cell renewal, and has good security and stability. And soybean amino acids extracted from soy rich amino acids, can be hydrolyzed keratin connections between cells, promote skin normal metabolism, activate cells, accelerate the metabolism of melanin.
The use and installation of cosmetic design is compared with most other systems for managing the makeup solution effectively and no doubt cosmetic design have won the race so many times.
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