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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
co-packer: cosmetics brands want to long-term development of the important points < p > 2018 - cosmetics manufacturer generation plant 11 - 27 11:57:56 < / p > as the consumers' consumption idea grows, the product function is more and more attention, and attention degree on prices fell. co-packer general manager, said in an escalating consumer orientation as well as the evolution of the market environment, marketing theme now quality is hard Numbers. Although China's cosmetics industry rapid development, most of the brands and companies focus on product marketing, and ignores the product innovation and research and development; Now consumers are increasingly pay attention to product efficacy, and domestic cosmetics homogeneity serious, lead to foreign cosmetics accounted for a large proportion of market share. Processing the same situation exists in the cosmetics industry, small size, lack of research and development, quality control is not in place of label has been labeled as cosmetics co-packer body; Product innovation and research and development needs a huge sum of money to support, can lead to the development of most of the research and development of cosmetics co-packer level at a slow pace. As countries to the cosmetics industry consolidation, after & other; 2 the unity & throughout; , many non-standard cosmetics generation processing factory has been closed, the rest is in accordance with the laws and regulations processing cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers, is the first by & other; 2 the unity & throughout; Generation of processing enterprises of cosmetics. Leaders, said a company to long-term development, is necessary in the case of comply with national laws and regulations legitimate business, stick to this tenet, such not only can make their own long-term development, but also to the customer a kind of confidence and security.
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