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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
can put a refrigerator? < p> 2017 - 09 - 06 14:53:00 < / p> a lot of people like to keep the cosmetics manufacturer in the refrigerator, the professionals said that cosmetics refrigerator to save is error, unless with special cosmetics use refrigerator, and not all cosmetics are kept in place in the refrigerator. Beauty products of place in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight and metamorphic fade. The bathroom of high humidity and heat are not suitable for cosmetics manufacturer. Because of the hot and humid place easy to active bacteria. Maintenance: maintain article can be divided into clean ( Facial cleanser, cleansing milk) , embellish skin ( Day, late frost) , keep skin ( Masks, essence) And other products, in general, as long as in the shade, can ensure the quality of the product. Toner products can be put back into the original box, on the bottom freezer, avoid by all means is directly on the refrigerator door, because in a open guanzhong, hot and cold air exchange is the most easy to make product deterioration. Frost shape class maintain article before storage, should be with alcoholic toner, or diluted 75% alcohol wipe the bottle and cap and tighten, return to the original packaging and stored in shady and cool place, Don't need to put back into the fridge) 。 Through such processing, not only can keep the quality of products, and can also kill the remaining part of the bacteria. Temporarily need not maintain article should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, or in the drawer, dry don't direct contact with sunlight, also can't put in the bathroom. Will maintain article in the refrigerator is a mistake, too low temperature not only is not good for maintain article completely, refrigerator inside and outside at the same time, the temperature difference in and out, it will prompt care product early metamorphism. If it is to protect skin to taste, to finished product in the bottle of infectant brush try do earn, tighten the lid on again. Habits can affect skin care products & other; Throughout service life &; , so you'd better not use finger to dig the bottle of skin care products, in order to prevent bacterial infection to the bottle is used at the end of the part, it is recommended to use digging stick or vacuum extrusion packaging to protect skin to taste. Instead of take out of the skin care products in the fridge, and because of the difference in temperature sudden change and often move to protect skin to taste bad. But small amount of maintenance items such as apply eye or eye gel is applied, because will soon run out, and the refrigerator cold effect can calm the skin around eyes, can consider to put in the fridge.
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