Cosmetics brand should be how to choose the OEM business, need to know this information

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
brand should be how to choose the OEM business?

their own brands to super bring new opportunities, therefore, business super doing their own brand development also should be careful how to choose the OEM production enterprises, especially in such a motley collection of cosmetics industry. How to really win the highest to the lowest investment returns, is worth us to explore.

1) Formula technology professional

on the basis of developing their own brands a non-ignorable factor - — Formula and technology. Business super, terminal sales, the formula for technology this link was lacking, not to mention more professional formula technology. To do this, select formula skillful professional OEM enterprise, is to develop their own brands of primary factors. Review the cosmetics manufacturer industry to develop new match Fang Chan product market success case can be, such as domestic brands - Jas indene drugstore, according to OEM manufacturers tailored for its research and development of 'enzyme polyphenol' 'acne' series of products, to the drugstore market, become the biggest winner cosmetics manufacturer online sales.

2) Industry insight

business super, as the terminal sales, consumer standing in the nearest place, can grasp the consumer demand to the front-line. At the same time, the consumer demand information can be communicate with OEM enterprises, combining with the OEM manufacturer of professional market opinion, tailored business excess body products, talent is the most fashion and popular brand products. Professional, is also a selling point.

3) The guarantee of production capacity

OEM enterprise's choice, the fundamental point of guarantee is the guarantee of production capacity. Choose to have enough production ability and high comprehensive system of OEM manufacturer to produce, can satisfy business super large quantity and quality request is higher than general shop products, at the same time, good quality inspection system, ensure the quality of products, is also required. Super sales characteristics, consumer groups tend to be a wise consumer consciousness, also tend to be more affordable affordable products, whether consumption choices often fast in shop sales, so overall, sales efforts will be higher than the shop, for the product quantity timely supplement and the guarantee of product quality, are the most important guarantee to build its brand awareness.

4) Market reaction force of the fitness

business super development own brand adopt the most effective channels, set up in the supermarket shelves counters, actively promoting, first take the form of low-priced sales promotion item in consumers, by the quotient of the ultra prosperous traffic communication has its own brand, to expand its own brand of propaganda. For early market fluctuations, OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer for this wave, can adopt effective marketing tools to help business super problems, such as to minimise possible loss such as OEM manufacturer own some dealers, can provide some assist marketing. In addition, OEM factory production product process is simple, is also a response to market, meet the good channels of market reaction force.

super own brand and OEM enterprise win-win way

in my opinion, the business to develop its own brand, choice and OEM business cooperation, are no longer just a simple request OEM manufacturers to provide products, more important is to and OEM manufacturers formed a strategic cooperation relationship.

OEM manufacturer cooperation advantages

one of, the OEM cosmetics manufacturer for many years has accumulated rich experience in OEM professional OEM history, can provide business super brands with the OEM products in the field of professional services; Second, the industry for many years, OEM manufacturer for its cosmetic industry market trends, development prospects have sharp eyes.

mature OEM manufacturer can offer two types of cooperation strategy: for business super low price competition OEM and big brand OEM. OEM

low price competition is price competition as the starting point, low costs, and other brand products competition, same type is with low price advantage, to get high sales; Big brand OEM by making full use of the business over the crowd, actively do leading consumption, accumulate popularity, the accumulation of brand image.

by the visible and OEM manufacturers face is no longer a simple type of products production, more should be defined by the professional experience for business super developed their own brands to provide more professional advice or take on more risk together, achieve a win-win situation.

all open retail business super, faced with the pressures of a retail, choose their own brands of blue ocean strategy, to break the market; And choose OEM business, more important should choose to have considerable strength and a mature OEM manufacturer, with the advantage of the terminal retail combined with OEM manufacturers professional advice, to tailor the most appropriate own brand, to win business sales.

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