Cosmetics brand new batch, cosmetics OEM enterprise in another spring?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25

as consumer demand tends to refinement, cosmetics category segment 'profitable'. Facilitates the development of the past two years, the major cosmetics brand, cosmetics market has appeared more than 40, 2018, ten thousand kinds of new item, it represents a few dozen million market behind, and the new cosmetics brand is more, it also further illustrate: cosmetics OEM enterprise, will usher in another spring. XJ Beauty also received a lot of orders recently, visible market is really good?

now consumer classification, development mature beauty makeup brand at any time will face from start-up to the fierce competition in the cosmetics brand enterprise, as a result, these brands to react quickly and begin to create the accelerator project, hatched a new brand, constantly update iteration in order to ensure the normal order of the company. And hatched a new brand for large enterprises provide critical knowledge and beauty makeup tools, sharing industry hotspot, update their professional skills, to bring business ideas, so the cosmetics brand new greater development potential.

in fact like estee lauder, shiseido, unilever and other international well-known enterprises have been set up incubator this path forward. Because enterprise's kernel growth is limited, when developing to a certain stage, it is important to begin to pay close attention to the innovation growth and incubator. It is because of the hatched brand, make business environment nowadays, not only have individual brand in innovation, but also the whole business ecosystem in the innovation.

but not everyone can afford consumers international brands, domestic brands more cost-effective, relatively and niche brand show explosive growth, single category in the 'spring'. 'Item outbreak of driving the development of small and medium-sized cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer, the reporter understands, niche brand due to the order quantity is less, due to the expiry of the row of a consortium, no excess production line, and choose not to receive or delayed. In the case of 'big love', many small and medium-sized OEM companies choose to share the task, so the niche brand market environment, decided the cosmetics OEM is the inevitable trend of future development. XJ Beauty two cosmetics factory, small processing can also oh!

cosmetics brand new batch, cosmetics OEM enterprise in another spring, huge market niche brand, many OEM enterprises began to participate in the 'web celebrity hatch' this project, so the future development trend of cosmetics manufacturer OEM, odm processing plants will be better and better!

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