Cosmetics bottles manufacturers talk about the difference between glass and plastic bottles

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-19
Glass bottle, can repeat use, carrying the inconvenience, but couldn't have a clear cross contamination, the prohibition fraud phenomenon, people dare not rest assured. Plastic bottles, relative to the said of the glass, and on the permeability coefficient of oxygen and carbon monoxide is bigger, it can lead to chemical reaction taking place between packing objects and packages, be packaging by oxidation and deterioration in the taste, and the aging of plastic products also affect the appearance quality, beautiful and practical, and pollute the environment. Glass packaging in the field of cosmetics, performance gradually in the market for the last few years popular, a lot of new cosmetics packaging discard all plastic packaging, to use glass bottles for cosmetics packaging. To this, beauty cosmetic plastic containers small make up the author thinks that the main benefit from two aspects. The stability of the glass bottle packing material is better than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles before 2 years under the influence of plasticizer and bisphenol A, consumers there are certain questions on the safety of the packaging, glass bottles, in several bottles crisis gradually come to the fore. This is glass bottle a source of power in the field of cosmetics packaging. Another aspect is the plastic bottles in the packaging of the dominant market position, glass bottle packing as businesses choose differentiation gradually by the market recognition and welcome. Glass bottle packaging major selling point is not the price, also is not novel appearance, mainly lies in its material the stability of the safe and reliable. Many consumers after see glass bottle packaging, this is mainly a feeling of consumption. Today, in the current cosmetic safety multiplexes, obviously this is very important, it's also one of the glass bottle manufacturers need to highlight. Glass bottle the sense that gives a person is more advanced than plastic. Weight is heavier, carry more weight in his hand, feeling more. Some oil all types of cosmetics, res plastic bottles, oil will melt the plastic. Glass bottle is no this problem. The glass is transparent, filling can be some transparent and colorful cosmetics. Show the effect is much better. There is also a is a issue for cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, they disinfection is more convenient than plastic, and more thoroughly. 440. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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